How to make your Tweet go viral

And other thoughts from my writing for the web workshop at Hollyhock...

Google wave gets bigger

Just as it dominates the web, Google dominated the news in technology this week.

Curiouser and curiouser: Alice in Wonderland through the iPad

Lewis Carroll's classic Alice in Wonderland has never been out of print in the 145 years since first publication. It has made the leap from print to the big screen, then the small screen, then the eve

Infocult's Bryan Alexander injects brilliance into Northern Voice 2010 with jolting keynote on fearsome media, haunted spaces, E-Quaeda and I-Jihad

"Cautionary fables, soft core titillation are simply fodder for new policies, " Infocult blogger Bryan Alexander said, as he delved into his subject, "fearsome media" and "haunted spaces". So began...

Pixar opens Canadian studio in Vancouver

Pixar opened a studio in Gastown yesterday. In the video below,  Premier Gordon Campbell gets very excited about it...names "thousands and thousands of talented people" in Vancouver who will...

Websites and tools make job search easier

If you're looking for a job, it’s heartening to know that technology can make the search a little easier. Back when I first entered the workforce, job hunting involved leafing through the help wanted...

Lots of free WiFi everywhere, but should you partake?

So, Mac user, you like YouTube, huh?

Don't look this up on Google... please

Is Google really a Green Giant? Probably not, but other search engines have the same problems.

Some app saved my life today

Can a smartphone health app really save your life? Dan Wooley thinks so.

Apple's iPad receives glowingly positive reviews

You might have been wondering if anything interesting has been going on in the tech-o-sphere. One word: iPad.