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Reporting back from Ottawa: Weekly Update from's Steve Anderson and Reilly Yeo update us on Internet openness and affordability.

Facebook turns "six degrees of separation" into four

New research from Facebook suggests that the world's getting even smaller.

Cheap Canadian tablet aims to bring Internet to the entire world

"Of course it's not an iPad, but for hundreds of millions of people, it's a godsend."

Step aside, iTunes: Google Music challenges Apple with digital music store

Google has shown they're willing to compete with Apple in every field, and is planning to challenge iTunes for the digital music market.  Here's more from The Canadian Press: Google is unveiling...

Nook ships early, Christmas e-wars begin

Kindle and Amazon jump the gates early with souped-up, tablet-like e-readers.

Vancouver Vote Map comes to the aid of confused voters

2011 Vancouver Municipal elections: Where do you stand on the issues in this election? The West End Residents Association has created a Flash-based app that will help you figure out where you are.

Talking Siriously with the iPhone 4S

Apple's new personal assistant, Siri, has personality, and can even tell you whether to carry an umbrella.

Tech ignorance risks puts us all at risk, report warns

One example? Canada's Treasury Board and Department of Finance were hacked via emails containing malicious links.

Facebook's new timeline profile concerns users, but not to worry, expert says

Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched the new timeline profile (and other applications)  for his social network site. The new feature would act as a “chronological scrapbook” and...

Spammers find new way to reach out

The "I'm out of the office, please read this junk instead" approach actually pays off for some fake sites.