Facebook's new timeline profile concerns users, but not to worry, expert says

The new face of Facebook. Photo: Blazomania.com

Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched the new timeline profile (and other applications)  for his social network site. The new feature would act as a “chronological scrapbook” and  allow its 800,000 users  to share their photos, videos and their thoughts.

What is more, an Australian technologist Nik Cubrilovic discovered that Facebook's new tracking cookie  collects information from users even if they have logged out the site, upsetting  Facebookers. However, Facebook claimed it was a bug and said that it has been "fixed."

Facebook’s new timeline has not been received with open arms by everyone, but Facebook is counting on the fact that people will get used to it and get on with making them billions.

 "If you look at Facebook's history, obviously they are not afraid of making change," Forrester Research’s senior analyst,  Sean Corcoran, told the Sydney Morning Herald.

 "They have done a lot of big changes in the past and people have gotten upset. But most of the time Facebook has been right."

But are they right?  Here's what some users had to say on twitter today:

@alexbraunstein According to Facebook timeline I did nothing between being born and attending college. That's actually surprisingly accurate.

 @harrymccracken : Seems like when everyone gets the Facebook Timeline, we'll all know what year everyone was born, even if it's hidden now?

@JasonHirschhorn  Does anyone know how I can share every single thought I have every minute of every day (even when dreaming) with my Facebook timeline?

@ginatrapani Facebook Timeline got me thinking about online performance. Is the person you portray online mostly real-life you, or polished public you?

Rumour has it that Facebook will start charging for their services.  They have denied this.  It always has been free and always will be free, they say.

For now at least, that's one less thing we have to adapt to.

Take a look on the new Facebook timeline profile:

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