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One-time HPV vaccine now available for BC women aged 19 to 21

Young women interested in protecting themselves against cervical cancer have been granted a prime opportunity.

Navigating Canadian health care and chronic pain

Getting answers to illness and pain can be a lot like stepping into a Robin Cook novel.

Kicking addiction: allowing discomfort is the secret to successful recovery

Challenging your preconceptions about beating addiction You've given it a lot of thought. You know that your addiction is overwhelming your life and causing you a lot of problems. You really want to...

Healing for the mind, body and soul at The Wellness Show

The Wellness Show was a great event for everyone and drew both young and old, fit to couch potato.

Cleansing with Naturopathic Medicine at Hollyhock this June

From June 10-15, 2012, Hollyhock will host Cleansing for Whole Health: A gentle approach to cleansing. Come join a 5 day retreat that brings you the rejuvenating benefits of a clean...

Healthism: building health literacy through the web

Damon Ramsey wants to lead the way to a new era of interactive and personalized health.

Palliative in BC: a daughter's view of the health care system

In November 2011, my mother was labelled palliative...

Premiers united in opposition to Conservatives' 'unilateral' health care decision

Premiers say they will band together to get the federal government back at the health care table, but will Ottawa budge from its increasingly tough stance?

Conservatives to slowly gut Ottawa's health-care support

Ottawa is gradually slashing its role in medicare – passing ball to provinces, the federal budget watchdog reveals.

5 tips for avoiding holiday stress and over indulgence

Number one. Lower your expectations - especially if you are a perfectionist. Lower the bar of perfection you may have set for yourself, and see if you can't enjoy the holidays as much – and perhaps...