Finding the Right Homeopathic Key to Fit the Lock

Throughout four exciting years of training to become a professional homeopath and seeing homeopathic remedies continue to heal a wide spectrum of complaints, a curative remedy for my trigeminal neural

Falcon to Palin: Forget Whitehorse, Come to Vancouver!

A long time ago, Sarah Palin’s family sought medical care in Whitehorse. Last month, Danny Williams, the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, had heart surgery in Miami. Maybe you don’t care about...

Small, Real Risk of Pill Subject to Lawsuit

In October 2007, 22-year-old Lisa collapsed on her apartment floor. The young girl remained unconscious until her father found her and rushed her to a nearby hospital. Lisa didn't remember the...

Honeybees, Almonds and Freedom

What is freedom? For bees? For almonds? For us? This little tale illustrates it all…

How I Overcame a Debilitating Disease

I woke up and felt a familiar stab of pain cut across my cheek. The nightmare had returned.

Welcome home to Canadian health care, Premier Danny Williams; Now come clean about that visit to the US

The great majority of Canadian and U.S. citizens can’t afford to travel for brand-name surgery. And in Canada, they don’t need to worry about it because they can get very good care at home.

Resistance Training Improves Cognitive Function in Senior Women, Researchers Find

Resistance training in senior women may improve their higher brain functions. A 12-month, Vancouver-based experiment on women ages 65 to 75 shows that resistance training, or anaerobic exercise, doesn

Free Yoga and Pilates inside Lululemon Lab at Broadway and Cambie

There is free Yoga at Lululemon's new Broadway location.

Personal Health Care Decisions - Finding Your Way Through the Forest

When a new scientific study shows anti-virals may promote the creation of more dangerous viruses and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe launches an investigation of the WHO being infl

Homeopathy: A Scholarly Computer Geek Investigates for Himself

Prompted by the mysterious illness his family kept dying from, an intellectual skeptic investigates alternative healing and finds it isn't the nonsense mainstream media keeps claiming it to be.