My friend is gone

About two months ago, someone I cared deeply about took his own life. He was a young man in his early 30’s – and like most everyone who knew him, I had no idea how troubled he was, as he often wore...

Good Morning Africa!

There's a moment in the film where Margaret, the journalist from Uganda, goes to the countryside and talks to the women and tries to explain to them that they can protect themselves through the use of

Swinging in the Rain for TB Vets

Jump, jive and give back with the Sweet Pea Swing Band this Friday

B.C. judge orders Alice Jongerden not to milk cows

Supporters and shareholders filled the courtroom in New Westminster, B.C. today to witness whether dairy farmer Alice Jongerden would be found in contempt of court for continuing to milk the cows...

What is white, frothy, and illegal to sell in B.C.?

Canada is the only G8 country where raw milk is outlawed. And after a decision in early 2010 legalizing raw milk cooperatives in Ontario, British Columbia is coming out as one of the most stridently a

Newfoundland and Labrador will fund trials for controversial MS treatment

An announcement was made Monday by Newfoundland and Labrador Health Minister Jerome Kennedy that his province would begin clinical trials of a controversial new therapy for multiple sclerosis called...

Walk Now to raise money for autism research

Autism is the most common neurological disorder. One in 165 children suffer from it and epidemiological studies show a progressive trend of autism in Canada---60 per 10,000 people suffer from it...

Killer sunscreen? What your mama never told you about sun protection.

Everything you think you know about sun protection is dead wrong.

How to clean up your bike

Before taking your bike out for a spin, especially if you haven't gone out in a while, it's a good idea to clean it up, service it, and make sure you're safe. It also doesn't hurt to have a shiny...

The breakdown of boundaries

We live in an amazing new reality where the boundaries of time and space have been broken through; but just as we need to protect the boundaries surrounding our cyber-space privacy, so do we need to p