Michael Crain helps dispel myths about mental illness

By his own admission, Michael Crain wears many hats. He is a peer researcher with CREST.BD, a collaborative research team studying the psychosocial issues in bipolar disorder. Peer research is an...

Health Canada debunks popular myths about radiation hazards from Japan in BC

Q: I heard on Facebook that if it rains in B.C., that it will burn and cause cancer. Is it true? A:  This is absolutely not true.  Should any radioactive particles from Japan arrive in...

Navigating the cosmetics counter: Vichy, Lancome, Hydra Life, Genifique, or, seaweed?

“I don’t even know half of these ingredients. What is this? What is that? I don’t know,” laughed the Russian beauty consultant towering over me at the Lancôme cosmetic counter.

Tim Hortons turned into temporary ER room

Overcrowded hospital takes patients to the nearby donut shop.

Bi-polar princess and courageous mental health advocate Victoria Maxwell

A local woman shows that the mentally ill can also be high-achieving professionals.

Handling disappointment

My father had a number of wonderful sayings.  One of my all-time favorites was this one: “Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you.”  With apologies to vegans and all...

A letter from the BC Mayors Climate Leadership Council

An Open Letter to all current candidates for the office of leader of the Government of British Columbia and the leader of the Opposition.

Local Lunapads experiences period of growth after o.b. tampon shortage

O.b. tampons have been slowly disappearing from the shelves of local stores in Vancouver since last November. And although manufacturer Johnson & Johnson promised that they would be back in the...

Eleven effective habits for a greener 2011

Everyone's doing it: green is the new bottom line. Can being green become just another effective habit for you this year?

How to survive a holiday recession

Many of us are finding our wallets a little thinner this holiday season. To avoid debt and get the most out of the holiday season, here are my tips for stress-free budgeting.