Ooops -- oh well! : The antidote to perfectionism

One of my spiritual teachers used to talk about the futility of trying to be perfect as a human being.  When she made a mistake, she would immediately say -- with a dollop of amusement --“Ooops...

Seven years and billions of dollars later, Health Accord goals only half met

OTTAWA -- It's been seven years and billions of dollars, but Canada's health-care system has only made incremental progress toward goals its own leaders set out for it with much fanfare in 2004. That...

Some challenges facing Canada's health care system

OTTAWA -- Despite a 10-year agreement to invest in and fix Canada's health-care system, there are significant challenges that remain. The Canadian Nurses Association has identified several key ones...

Summit focuses on combating health risks facing people of African descent

TORONTO -- Participants attending the first Black Leadership Health Summit say a targeted approach is needed to better address health issues faced by people of African descent, a population typically...

Blue light tool could save lives of patients suffering from oral cancer: study

VANCOUVER -- A device that emits a blue light is giving patients undergoing surgery for oral cancer a fighting chance at survival and Canada is at the forefront of research that could have a global...

Vancouver's first vegan bakery: Edible Flours

Gluten-free, wheat-free, lactose intolerant, vegan, whatever your lifestyle, Edible Flours Bakery is the place to get your fill of delicious, natural, and healthy sweets.

Top court to weigh future of Vancouver's controversial safe injection site

Would closing the centre violate the rights of the city's drug addicts? Is the centre in fact under provincial jurisdiction? The answers are near.

A little taste of the vegan life

Why vegan and why now? Bridget Burns of the Vegan Project answers a few questions about veganism and gives us a little taste of the vegan life.

Charlie Sheen's charity cheque is bi-overdue

Manager says he'll make good on promise to bipolar group, may raise more money in Vancouver.

Harper's $139-million HIV project was doomed: Report

Pilot manufacturing plant was never built, "red tape and turf wars" sank project