Get out of my pocket, Uncle Sam

U.S. tax law hits Canadians with a sledgehammer.

UK opens door to gay blood donations. Is Canada next?

Quebec activist says he'd be happy to start with donations from those who haven't had sex in a year.

The merits of a vegetarian diet

Imagine feeding South Asia’s billion strong population if it was as obsessed with meat eating as North Americans. The mass slaughter of cows, pigs, goats, and other animals to feed the West’s...

California woman goes a year without looking in a mirror. Could you?

Could you go a year without seeing your reflection? One California woman is doing just that -- and she's getting married while she does it.

Open Medicine: because health care information belongs to everybody

Open Medicine editor Anita Palepu: health care information should belong to all of us.

Canadians no slouches when it comes to playing hooky from work

We like our sack time and our TV shows, and sometimes the work ethic comes second.

Giving people with mental illness a chance

As a mental health advocate and social worker I can attest first hand to the barriers and stigmatization that individuals with mental illness experience.  A major obstacle they face is...

Are high heels unhealthy?

They're tall, they're gorgeous, and they're a necessity. Thanks to celebrities, high heels have been appropriated for everyday wear. No longer are they reserved for special occasions. Rather, with...

Tax penalties on U.S.-Canadian citizens in Canada "outrageous," MP Don Davies says

American rules a "tax grab" on people living here -- and Ottawa should intervene, critic says.

B.C. right-to-die group has case tossed, but competing lawsuit still proceeding

Complainants will file evidence in assisted-suicide case, spokesman says.