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Rob Ford and Jimmy Kimmel: Appalling and odd

Oh no, not again—Rob Ford continues to crave ever more publicity, and this time it was on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And last night Ford shared this less-than-prestigious distinction with none other than...

The sad story of Alex Radita

Sometimes I really don’t understand this crazy world we live in—or the rules we implement that make it even crazier. I am simply appalled that a 15-year-old boy who was starved, abused, and deprived...

Why Valentine's Day is the best day to take care of you

Ah, Valentine's Day, the fantasy-filled holiday that comes right after we've managed to get ourselves through another year of Christmas and New Year's Eve! Have you ever wondered whose bright idea it...

Philip Seymour Hoffman: How many more do we have to lose?

Why was Philip Seymour Hoffman not able to break his habit?

Just Say Hello: Making Vancouver a friendlier city, one cup of coffee at a time

Vancouver suffers from social isolation. Can we turn this town around?

New Year's Resolutions? Try Intentions Instead

In the immortal words of John Lennon, another year is over and a new one’s just begun. Isn’t it interesting how we, as a society, agree that this is the time to give ourselves and our lives a...

Tips for a healthy Christmas season

Don't let holiday-season gluttony lead to New Year's resolutions that you know you won't keep. Instead, play it smart and stay healthy.

21 reasons why Canadian health care is better than Obamacare

Attention Obamacare fans: Canada's system is still better, writes Ralph Nader.

Staying nourished and balanced at Cornucopia

A new addition to Whistler's Cornucopia festival this year was a series of "Nourish" seminars and yoga/meditation classes.