Is There a Male G-Spot?

Dear Indrus,
I sometimes feel like a stranger to the male anatomy. I'm wondering if you would disclose what part of the gearbox is the part that gives the guys peak pleasure? Is there such a thing as a male G spot? And speaking of the G spot, is there a map of how to get there?
Sensually Curious

Dear Sensually Curious,
As women we are, of course, more familiar with the male anatomy than many men are with the female anatomy. Much of men's "gearbox" is exposed and highly visible.

There is however one very important area that is internal, and is considered the G-spot of the male, namely the prostate (from the Greek for protector.)

The prostate is the collection point for male sexual energy. One of it jobs is to experience a mini orgasm so it can pump the semen deep into the female uterus. The Taoist ( and many other traditions) believe if our sexual organs are functioning properly then many diseases can be avoided.

The prostate is the root/ first gland of the seven major ones that make up our bodies endocrine system (adrenal,pancreras, thymus,thyroid, and pituitary the others.)

To the Taoist the prostate is "the house of essence", its health affects all the other glands, tissue and cells, basically a keystone to men's health. It is very important that this part of a man's body get a lot of attention. Most men's prostate will enlarge(hypertrophy) as they age, this can result in a change in their sexual functioning, possible erection dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation issues.

Both issues are sometimes difficult for men to talk about. All the ancient traditions agree that regular massage, which increases blood circulation, is a great aid in keeping the prostate healthy, as of course being sexual is.

Where is this most important part of the male anatomy located?

The prostate is located right at the outlet to the bladder. Urine cannot leave men's body's without passing through the prostate, via the urethra. Externally you can find it between the base of his penis and his anus. The prostate loves (in every case I have heard of) to be massaged!

Men's perineum is the small area of skin between his scrotum and anus.

Begin by applying moderate (he will tell you what he likes) pressure on the perineum back towards the anus, you will find a small indentation, eureka! You have found one of the hot spots for most men!

It is firm and the size of a small walnut; massage, pulsate, apply various pressures with your fingertips, and lips and tongue.

Massage the surrounding area, clockwise, counterclockwise. Get creative; a velvet sash can be used during the massage. Try a feather and see if he is ticklish.

The prostate by the way, is also the area where pressure is applied when men begin to separate their orgasms from their ejaculations, an important component of the Taoist and Tantric traditions. More about that topic, and the internal massage for the prostate, in another article.

PS... Natural supplements that aid the health of the prostate include Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle, Pygeum, Lycopene and Zinc, middle aged men and over should consider taking a supplement to protect the health of their prostate.

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