Fabio the new Old Spice guy

"Tropical breeze, exciting victory, always Fabio," Fabio Lanzoni says in one of the new Old Spice ads. Remember him? Fabio sparkled on the covers of romance novels in...

U.S. loses bid to extradite eccentric Lost Canadians Randy and Evi Quaid

Quirky Hollywood couple safe to hide out in Vancouver from "Hollywood star whackers".

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two premiers midnight Thursday at Fifth Avenue Cinema

But the Fifth Avenue premier is already sold out, as are previews world wide. Vancouver's Harry Potter fans are waiting for The End, and the movie's breaking records even before its release.

He told you he'd be baaaaahck

Arnold Schwarzenegger breaks post-love-child vow to put acting career on hold. Yes, he's ahck-ting again.

Demi Lovato like a Skyscraper

"@ddlovato is #1 on iTunes...she totally deserves it :) Congrats Demi!" wrote song writer18 on Twitter. When Congrats Demi became a top trend on Twitter today, VO was curious as to which Demi and...

Actress Mila Kunis grants a Marine's YouTube wish

She'll be his date for the big ball, thanks to his Internet request.

Hollywood royalty mingle with the real thing

Prince William, Kate mingle with stars before heading to skid-row dance academy.

Royal newlyweds' Canadian roadtrip a success for both sides

Monarchy got positive spin -- and so did Canada.

A staple of Calgary Stampede style gets a royal twist

Princess-worthy cowboy 'fascinator' sells out immediately.

Prince William and Kate to surprise tiny, fire-ravaged Slave Lake

Northern town cheered by last-minute announcement.