Paul Thomas Anderson’s Scientology film back on track

Scientology is getting big-screen attention. Paul Thomas Anderson’s film, The Master, is inspired by the controversial  religious movement, which counts big Hollywood actors like Tom Cruise...

Whitney Houston to cleanse herself of drugs and alcohol

Whitney Houston has entered rehab. "She's cleansing herself to get ready for a new movie," a source told TMZ. Actress Angela Bassett revealed earlier today that she is to work with Whitney Houston on...

Jennifer Lopez will "need an eyelift"

Jennifer Lopez will "need an eyelift" once 'American Idol' concludes. "I'm going to need an eye lift when this show is over. All I do is cry all the time," Lopez was found quoted by National Enquirer...

Vancouver beauty Beatrice King, the Queen of Mortal Kombat

Actor Beatrice King takes on the role of Queen Sindel in the new Warner Bros. web series "Mortal Kombat".

What did we see when we watched the Royal Wedding?

At my citizenship ceremony a year from now, there will likely be a number of my ancestors who will look down, shake their heads and frown.

'Calm' Mariah Carey gives birth to baby boy and girl with husband Nick Cannon by her side

Singing superstar has yet to announce the twins' names.

Fairy tale romance: Wills weds Kate as billions watch and hope for a happy ending this time

With a simple "I will," royal couple marry before a worldwide audience of billions.

What Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner left behind

For Squamish, life's a little sadder and a little saner now that Twilight's gone.

Gray skies may rain on wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Bad weather isn't expected to dampen worldwide enthusiasm for royal nuptials.

Fan reflects on meeting Twilight cast and crew in B.C.

"Vancouver will always be connected to Twilight to ME!" says Mallory Proverbs