Brenda Song, former co-star of The Suite Life on Deck, is reportedly pregnant with her first child. The father? Trace Cyrus -- Miley Cyrus' rock star brother and former member of Metro Station.

Song, 23, who is famous for her role as London Tipton on the popular Disney series, starting dating Cyrus earlier this spring.

She also had a minor role in the Academy Award winning film The Social Network, playing Andrew Garfield's psycho ex-girlfriend.

"It was not expected," a source told Us magazine. "They were both startled to find out she's pregnant...They are figuring out how to handle it.

Fans reacted with much surprise as many weren't even aware that the two were dating.

Most were curious about the validity of the rumour with various comments exploding on twitter:

"Brenda Song pregnant from Trace Cyrus? OMG. He's horrible."

"I wonder if Brenda Song shouted "YAY ME!" when she found out she was pregnant"

"Whoa hold up! Brenda Song is PREGNANT?!?! Are you sure this isn't just a rumor?"

"Hillary Duff is pregnant. Brenda Song is pregnant. Selena better not be next. I'm not even kidding. Justin better keep it in his pants."

"WTF. Brenda Song's pregnant with Trace Cyrus' baby?!?! Didn't even know they were going out..!"

Apparently, Song is eight weeks along.  

On the bright side, Miley Cyrus might be an aunt.