Ottawa's purse strings may have to loosen, economists warn

Deficit is important, but so is surviving a European-triggered recession, government warned.

Corporate boards are feeling their oats

More and more chairs have no links to the CEO -- and they're acting independently, says The Globe.

Building on a board's brand

The Vancouver Board of Trade's Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia wants to build on its existing strengths.

B.C.'s crying the financial blues

Falcon projects a $3.1b deficit, admits that the money tap has tightened.

Twelve days of Christmas? They'll set you back a cool $100,000

The seven swans-a-swimming alone clock in at $6,300. That's a 12.5 per cent hike over last year.

Why Rick Mercer bought a $19,000 house

Canada's funnyman couldn't afford to rent, he tells the Toronto Star.

Cheap money's here to stay

Interest rates to stay low through 2013.

Trail Appliances’ second-generation owner Mike Broderick on growing a family business

With 22 family members on board, the company's B.C. president manages the family dynamics and leverages them to create value for the company of 800 employees.

Cheap Canadian tablet aims to bring Internet to the entire world

"Of course it's not an iPad, but for hundreds of millions of people, it's a godsend."

Enjoy that pack of nuts, economy class. Up front, it's lemon mahi-mahi

American airlines investing big bucks to hold on to high fliers. Preflight champagne, flat-screen TVs and seats that turn into beds are just a start.