Santa is a woman. And she's wired.

Survey says female does holiday shopping in 80 per cent of Canadian households, a lot of it online.

The Best Place on Earth? Not for many B.C. families

Stats show incomes are middle of the pack. But an awful lot of families are struggling, too.

Do we really want the private sector securing our coastlines?

We're saving money by contracting out surveillance of our waters as our military aircraft age.

BC's export surge slows

Commodity shipments still keep the gears turning.

New-housing starts drop dramatically

Biggest cut is in condo sector, but price-wise, market remains hot.

Low interest isn't helping home sales much

November sales up slightly over October, but down since a year ago.

Doing the math on laneway housing

The figures are as friendly as the miniature homes, magazine discovers.

Did ferry fares really have to go up?

BC Ferries' challenge is smart management -- smart enough find a way around costly fuel.

As Europe wobbles, will we lean back toward the States?

Troubled times abroad may push Canada into old patterns, columnist muses.

Energy exports are all that stand between Canada and a recession

Cheery statistics mask grimmer reality, economists fear.