B.C. marijuana seed sales carry on, Marc Emery or not

Marc Emery might be the most well known marijuana seed salesmen, with his long history of political activism, marijuana lobbying and media profile, but his business is not unique.

Riot fund set to compensate businesses damaged in the playoff chaos

Up to $7,000 each for uninsured damage -- but not for stolen merchandise.

Energy ministers meet to forge national "approach" for Canada

Critics say we'll get an export policy, not a genuine energy policy.

Cheeky Umbrella founder Jen Zurowski loves rainy days

Rain always brings a smile to Cheeky Umbrella founder Jen Zurowski's face, because unlike so many Vancouverites, she sees something else pouring down all around her: opportunity.

Canada will suffer if US defaults on debt

Economists say signs are hopeful for deal, but worry remains.

Fraser Street: the "new Main Street"

If you're shopping in Vancouver, the city's Fraser Street area, east of Main, is getting very cool. It's like leaving Soho in Manhattan for Williamsburg.

Controversial HST turns one year old

As ballots hit the mail, feelings remain mixed over the tax that has bitterly divided BC.

Delay in deadline for shipbuilding bids just what BC didn't want

Two-week delay will allow competition to get its act together in $35-billion contest.

SNC Lavalin Group buys troubled Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd for $15 million

Ottawa unloaded Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.'s nuclear reactor business Wednesday to SNC-Lavalin Group, ending a two-year privatization saga for the troubled Crown corporation. Called the "crown...

Bell Canada busted for misleading advertising

Bell Canada is faced with a $10 million fine for advertising low prices without including the cost of mandatory additional fees.