Bif Naked Forever

Somewhere between showing me a homemade cell phone video of her fluffy 16-year-old Maltese burying a pretend bone and multiple table interruptions, Bif Naked and I talked heart surgery, Enbridge and Kate Middleton, and her new release: "Bif Naked Forever: Acoustic Hits & Other Delights".

Bif Naked and Anja Konjicanin

It doesn't get more real than Bif Naked.

Before she makes a vegan Christmas for a group of about 20 people in her home in Vancouver, Beth Torbert (best known as Bif Naked) sits down with the Vancouver Observer in the shiny Griffins Restaurant inside Fairmont Hotel on West Georgia, two blocks from her home, to talk heart surgery, Enbridge and Kate Middleton, among other things, just in time for the holidays and the release of her new album "Bif Naked Forever: Acoustic Hits & Other Delights".

Griffins Restaurant; Photo sourced from

"I am walking right now. I will be there in 30 seconds." She phoned to let me know. Bif Naked materialized in the lobby of the Hotel, with dark brown jacket zipped to her chin and red pants, her signature shoulder-length jet-black hair with bangs. We hugged. We entered the nearest restaurant.

(Fun fact: Bif Naked got her nickname in the eighth grade when a British kid mispronounced her name "Beth" and called her "Bif".)

The lone server showed us to our seats somewhere in the middle of the well-lit space. Torbert looked around. "Is this going to be okay? Will you be able to hear?" she asked, her eyes, framed in thick-rimmed glasses, shining genuine concern.

My face must have answered no, because, immediately, we were relocated to a new view with a new set of knives and forks and wine glasses ready for use.

"Are you hungry? Did you have breakfast?" she asked.

An unlikely pair, I thought, sitting there. She, an insanely successful, in-your-face-no-bullshit performer. Me, an awkward, scared-to-breathe-too-loud reporter. But, somewhere during the interview, we found a universal connection, the things, I guess, that bring all people together: life, love, music,  sickness, and puppies.

Back from touring the Maritimes, Torbert seemed to be in good spirits, despite a recent health scare that shook up her quiet world of yoga, music and vegan food. She looked happy and eager.

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