New Year's resolutions? Try intentions instead.

Isn't it interesting how we, as a society, agree that this is the time to give ourselves and our lives a complete and total new makeover?

Five holiday gifts for the student in your life

The stores are all decorated, the commercials on television are blaring jingles at every possible opportunity and us students are finally beginning to see, through the piles of textbooks and essays...

How to survive a holiday recession

Many of us are finding our wallets a little thinner this holiday season. To avoid debt and get the most out of the holiday season, here are my tips for stress-free budgeting.

The Darkest and Brightest Time of the Year: Your Numerology Cycles for December 16–31

’Tis the season. Whether you are feeling jolly or not, it is here: the darkest time of the year, and the brightest at the same time. The holiday season brings joy and lots of other emotions. Pay...

How to stay sane this Christmas

Did this holiday season sneak up on you? For me, it was just September, and as I talked with someone about how fast time seemed to be flying, I remember saying, “Christmas will be here in about 15...

The Green Mama's Guide to Greening Christmas (and any other Winter Holiday)

The Green Mama shows you how to celebrate more, spend less, and all around green your holiday.

Ask for what you want in the New Year: Your numerology cycles for December 1–15

How did it get so late so soon? It’s December. The cycle year you have been inhabiting is almost over. The beginning of January marks the beginning of a whole new chapter of your life. So aside from...

Ban the Salvation Army... and other gay news

A troubling week of events have unfolded in gay news. First of all, as was reported here first, the United Nations General Assembly has voted to allow Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Queer (...

A Crossing Point: Your Numerology Cycles for November 16–30

The fires burn And the kettles sing And earth sinks to rest Until next spring. —From “November,” by Elizabeth Coatsworth I am an autumn person. I love fireplaces and singing kettles and cups of...

Eight things I want under my tree this year

Yes, this is MY list. But believe me, these are must-have items that are sure to make you and everyone you know really happy this holiday.