Top Vancouver Events March 14-20: bus flashmob, DIY and yoga

This week's top events include the intriguing Maker Faire, billed as "the greatest show and tell on Earth". The Electro Swing Club is back with their monthly sassy event. Missed the last one? Read...

Not quite spring: numerology cycles for February 15–29

VO's resident psychic forecasts what lies in store for the last half of February.

How Whitney Houston saved my life

Whitney Houston's songs helped many find hope in recovering from drug addiction, a problem she suffered with over the years.

Attachment or authenticity: which would you choose?

When you accept your real self, does the need for addictions and dependency disappear?

Lessons learned from my life's journey through 2011

Carina Clark reflects on a year of friendship and family with appreciation for the past and optimism for the future.

A Grinch's survival guide for holiday haters

What if it just ISN'T the most wonderful time of the year?

5 tips for avoiding holiday stress and over indulgence

Number one. Lower your expectations - especially if you are a perfectionist. Lower the bar of perfection you may have set for yourself, and see if you can't enjoy the holidays as much – and perhaps...

December is here again: Your numerology cycles for December 1–15

Sorry for the delay in posting this. I’ve been working hard on a new website to properly sell Cassandra’s Secret Cycle Guide. Each cycle guide is a personalized book that guides the reader through a...

Thank goodness for the rain: Your numerology cycles for November 16–30

The dark descends early and the beaches are empty. Today, a taxi driver said, “Isn’t this a wonderful city? If it didn’t rain so much, we would be overrun by millions. Thank goodness for the rain.”...

Top 12 most useful kitchen tips

Keep your fruit from browning, preserve your wine, refresh your champagne. Learn some great, simple household tips for your kitchen.