Your numerology cycles November 1–14

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Tie up loose ends.

Complex and emotional energies pop up throughout this month. It's a time to tie up the loose ends of any project or venture you are working on.

Decide, though it may be difficult, to do the brave work of letting go of what is not working in your life.

This cycle month’s energy gives you a strong urge to reevaluate your direction. Take a close look at your surroundings. Are you where you want to be? If you are not, what steps must you take to clean the slate. At the same time, listen to your intuition. This cycle energy is highly sensitive and highly intuitive.

Use your intuition liberally even though it may seem unreasonable to act on your inner voices.


Key Number 6

A time for new ideas.

Last month was probably a bit tricky emotionally. Some cycle energies bring us face-to-face with where we are succeeding in our lives, and where we are not achieving our goals.

This cycle month’s energy gives us an opportunity to re-calibrate.

You will naturally be drawn to new ideas and new strategies. This cycle month’s energy has a ripple of optimism running under the surface no matter what else is happening. Allow naturally positive hopes and dreams to come out of the closet and be carefully examined.

Hidden within what might look like confusion are many answers. New ways of solving problems which have persisted in your life.

This cycle month’s energy gives you the opportunity to start fresh in relationships, health, career path, and attitudes. Plant positive seeds in all areas of your life.


Key Number 7 

Create a party for yourself.

This cycle month’s energy is optimistic, for the most part, and is most successful if you face your challenges with the lighter perspective.

It is considered to be a time of creativity but also of sociability. Budget some time for entertaining or being entertained. This cycle months energy is not for deep thought. If ever there was a time when you can be a bit frivolous, this is it.

Verging on holiday celebrations, it's perfect for you to let down your hair, not only on the party circuit, but also inside your own creative mind. Do something that allows you to express yourself. It may only be cooking a batch of cookies or muffins, maybe not even for yourself, but the important thing is to be expressive.


Key Number 8

A time to look for perfection.

This cycle month’s energy is about paying attention to details. Certain cycles are for spreading your energy and others are for focusing and drilling down to what can create perfection.

Of course, perfection is not easy to attain, but working at pulling everything together as best you can, dotting the i's and crossing the t's is the secret to success under this cycle months energy.

Not a particularly social time, but when you do socialize, pull your look together so you are as close to perfect as possible. If you're entertaining, put effort into setting a beautiful table or finding the best caterer.

Be serious!


Key Number 9

Be like speedy Gonzalez.

Last month was the cycle energy of slowing down and paying attention to details.

This cycle month is very much about speeding forward, and from time to time stopping to make sure you're on the right track.

This cycle month’s energy tends to be fast and furious. For that reason it's sometimes accident-prone. It's not advise that you go ballooning or participate in extremes sports. Under this cycle months energy.

You will experience new ideas and new solutions to problems, and also, probably feel a little restless. For that reason, it's a good idea to plan a different approach to life. It's a good time to travel. So, if you have itchy feet or your longing to fly over the pond, this is the time.

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