Top 12 most useful kitchen tips

Learn 12 easy household tips that will making cooking, cleaning and other househould activities that much easier.

Avoid crying when you chop onions, prevent your hands from smelling like onions, and learn how to conserve your wine. Here are the top 12 useful kitchen tips you wish you already knew.

1.      Peel onions without breaking out into tears

There are many ways to avoid tears when you peel an onion . Here some tips, test them out, they all work!

  • Wear a scuba mask. It’s a strange and funny technique, but  it will ensure you won’t shed a tear. 
  •  Chew some gum while you chop.
  • Put the onions in hot water for 5 minutes and then immediately in icy cold water for 2 minutes.
  • Cut the onions under water.
  •  Put a ball of bread at the tip of the knife. It will absorb the gas from the onions.

Remember, be careful to not rub your eyes after!

2.      Get rid of  the smell from your hands after cooking

Your hands and fingers often smell like onion or maybe garlic after cooking and its bothers you, doesn’t it? How do you get rid of it?

  • Take something with metal (a butter knife or your keys for example) and slide you fingers along the metal several time and magic, the odours disappear! Don’t forget to wash your hands after!
  • Another solution includes rubbing your hands with toothpaste, lemon juice or a shaving cream.

3.      Preserve the flavour of your ground coffee

A good coffee is the perfect way to start a day, no?

  • First, put the ground coffee in an airtight box. Then, you can either put this box in the freezer or put few grains of coarse salt inside the box.
  • Avoid humidity and don’t wait too many months to consume this coffee.

4.      Avoid  browning fruits

Stop taking brown apples and pears to work and school with a simple trick.

  • After peeling, the fruits quickly lose their colour and become brown.. Put some lemon juice on the fruits and the fruits will keep their colour!

5.      Prevent splattering oil while you cook

Have you ever burned your hands with splattering oil? Here two tips on how to prevent that from happening again.

  • Put some coarse salt in the pan
  • When the oil start to sizzle, before to put your food, take some flour and sprinkle it in the pan

6.      Prevent your fridge from smelling

  • To avoid odours from forming in your fridge, take a cup and fill it with salt or white vinegar.
  • You can also cut a lemon in slice and put them in the fridge.
  •  The milk is also a good odour absorber but you have to change it regularly.

7.      Preserve your wine at home without a wine cellar

There are four important rules for preserving your wine: a cool temperature (between 10 and 18 degrees), no daylight, no humidity and no movement!

But it’s difficult when we don’t have a wine cellar at home. Here some tips to conserve your wine.

  • Choose a good fresh place, roll up the bottles with newspaper and lay the bottles horizontal (the wine must touch the cork)
  • Put the bottles in a carton and choose a closet with a cool temperature (in the north)
  •  After opening, shut the bottle with the cork, and put it in the fridge

Enjoy your wine!

8.      Avoid the post-frying smells

Do you want to cook french fries, donuts, potatoes, fish? Here are some tips to prevent your home from reeking of frying oil.

  • While cooking, take a pan and put some sugar and burn it
  • Put a white vinegar glass close to your frying pan
  • In your pan, add some rosemary or parsley


9.      Prevent moisture in your salt shaker

Hate the clumps that form in your salt shaker? Try this to prevent the salt clumps.

  • The easiest solution is to put some grains of rice in your salt shaker

10.  Separate the egg yolk from the egg white without difficulties

It’s a delicate operation separating your whites from your yolks ! Here a good and simple solution for separating your eggs.

  • Take a bowl and a funnel. Put the funnel above the bowl and crack the egg in the funnel. The egg white will flow in the bowl and you can easily remove the yolk.

11.  Refresh your champagne in a snap

For get to put the champagne in the fridge? No worries.

  • Take a bucket and put some ice with some coarse salt. In just 10 minutes, it’s ready for consumption

12.  Prevent potato sprouts

Taking a while to get through that sack of potatoes? Don’t worry about them growing sprouts anymore

  • The easiest solution is to toss some apples with your potatoes.

All photos by Thomas Sangouard

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