November Horoscopes

Do you feel that sense of something about to break or that other shoe about to drop? Can you feel a pressure ceiling mounting? The stars now set the clock to the "time has come" hour. Even if you have nothing immediately threatening to contend with in your personal life, the H1N1 threat - and the confusion over who or what to believe, or whether to inoculate or not to - can keep anxiety on high alert.

Changing direction within a couple of weeks of each other, the triple alignment group,  is currently making headway again. Jupiter completed retrograde on Oct 17, Chiron on Oct 30, and on Nov 4, Neptune will do the same. As stated in previous columns, this triple alignment (in Aquarius) is another major invigorating influence for this high-water-mark moment in our collective awakening. Our consciousness of H1N1 was first raised as the triple alignment approached its first peak back in the spring. Note that each of the trio has been in retrograde from the end of May to now, (the pandemic's underground gestational period.) Production on the inoculation took place during this retrograde cycle; distribution now begins as the retrograde period ends.

Beyond the H1N1 issue, if you think back to what was going on for you earlier in the year, you may see how circumstances had shifted (was interrupted, stalled, moved out of the foreground, etc.) during these past five months. Now that all three of the triple alignments planets have completed the retrograde cycle, watch for the unfinished or previously shelved business to re-activate.  The end of Neptune's retrograde cycle (Nov 4) can be felt in subtle or overt ways. Of course, once the sensed and felt becomes more fully exposed, it will allow you to better clarify your position and needs. The triple alignment will now climb toward to its second peak (Dec 7 - 20.)

Saturn completed its 2 ½ year tour of duty through Virgo on Oct 28, the day Michael Jackson's tribute movie "This is it" was released. This simple and timely statement is a befitting reminder as we face our next day's dawn.

On Oct 29, as Saturn made its first advance into Libra, it hot-wired the Aries point (square aspect) and intensified the dynamic aspect (square) with Pluto. Regular TV broadcasting was interrupted to report on the killing spree in a North Hollywood synagogue. The day before, a bombing at a UN hostel in Pakistan left several dead. Eruption of violence, scandal, and corruption is typical when Saturn and Pluto square, but sadly, isn't the world in crisis also beginning to feel all too commonplace? The American dollar continues to weaken against the Canadian dollar, Afghan prepares for the re-vote despite growing Taliban threats, and the list of our harsh realities grows longer. Positively, reports from the economic sector say we are pulling out of the recession.

Obviously, Saturn's current sign advance signals yet another "match-strike" moment. (Pluto's monumental entrance into Capricorn at the end of 2008 was the first of the batch and there's much more to come.) Saturn will remain in a tight square aspect to Pluto Nov 1 - 15 and is particularly catalytic for those born at the beginning of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and at the tail end of the mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Pressures, frustrations, delays, work, and working it out can be especially trying or confronting in these next few weeks. When Saturn wrestles with forceful do-it-or-else Pluto, who wins? Realist Saturn must concede, of course. The faster you can acclimatize yourself to "this is it, deal with it", the more effectively you will navigate through your particular date with destiny. This Saturn/Pluto square aspect can force you to take a sharp turn around a blunt-edge corner, one that has most likely been observed, but avoided, for quite some time.

Note, Saturn will pass over the critical Aries Point again April 7 (by retrograde; effective March 26 -April 8), and July 21 (by direct motion). Saturn will (tightly) square Pluto for a second time mid July through September of 2010.

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