Live music, pub grub and beer aplenty at the Portside opening party

There's a new pub in Gastown, ready to become the new "hot spot" and bring a little East Coast pub culture in to Vancouver.
Things to do and eat this Christmas in Vancouver

Christmas in Vancouver: top 5 things to eat and do

We're getting down to the final weeks of the Christmas holidays, make sure to check out these can't-miss Vancouver Christmas events and meals!

Taste Resto-Lounge at FiveSixty

At Taste Resto-Lounge their primary goal is to provide a multi-sensory experience, from local art and eclectic music to flavourful sharing plates and carefully crafted cocktails.

An inviting atmosphere, tasty lunch and a myriad of tea possibilities at Shaktea

The name Shaktea is inspired by the Hindu Goddess, who represents divine feminine energy and who brings harmony and restoration.

Szechuan Chongqing is first Chinese restaurant to go Ocean Wise

"Over the years we’ve seen culinary practices change and today we’re making an important commitment to provide sustainable options to our customers."

Eating like a king at Kingyo Izakaya

Upon entering the restaurant I was impressed by the decor, the open-concept kitchen (normal for Japanese restaurants) and the friendly staff.

The magic mushroom: Alba white truffle luncheon at Cornucopia

As we made our way through the three courses, Luc Trottier, General Manager of Quattro and Jeremy Trottier, Executive Chef, shaved paper thin slices of truffles on each of our dishes.

Gastown Dishcrawl: an unforgettable eating adventure

Three different restaurants, three different meals, and a night of unforgettable taste sensations.

A taste of Malaysia with a Western twist at Kaya Malay Bistro

This relatively new restaurant has a warm and inviting atmosphere that exudes a fine dining feel while providing casual and friendly service, and food at a fair price.

Meat me in Memphis...Blues BBQ

Pulled pork and beef brisket are expected, but a full hog roast laying on a bed of lettuce with an apple in it's mouth?