Sunday was Vancouver’s very first ever Cupcake Challenge at the Yaletown Roundhouse community centre hosted and organized by Mijune Pak of Follow Me Foodie and Nicole Marie of Nicole Marie events.

With seven of BC’s top dessert companies all in the same room, it was undoubtedly cupcakes galore. The showcased cupcakes were topped with strawberry, lemon, vanilla, chocolate, caramel frostings and there were even some plain cupcakes for those who preferred to forgo the extra indulgence.  

Big City Cupcakes featuring their Triple Chocolate cupcakes

Participants of the challenge were mostly Vancouver-based bakeries and catering companies including newbies and home-based businesses such as Cupcakes Couture, Cake Tease, Indulgence Desserts, Bon Gateau, Frosting Cupcakery, and Pink Sugar Cupcakery to one of Vancouver’s largest cupcake companies, Big City Cupcakes.

Frostings displays their delicious "Love Potion" cupcake

Each participant had a variety of delicious cupcakes, with one or two special feature cupcakes which they were to be judged on. Cake Tease had one of the most unique feature cupcakes, a cookies and cream cupcake which owner Theresa Lanziner swears tastes just like a DQ Blizzard. My personal favourite was Indulgence Dessert’s moist dark chocolate cupcake topped with their decadent caramel buttercream frosting.

Pastry Chef Clare Thomas and partner show off a variety of their tasty cupcakes

Cupcake lovers of all ages attended the event, with both the youngest and the oldest tasters claiming to be cupcake connoisseurs. The tasters were all indecisive when trying to judge which company had the best cupcake, insisting that some had better icing while others had better cakes.

Cupcake Connoisseurs Auvita, Julia, and Lauren struggle to decide which cupcake is the best

Although Big City Cupcakes seemed to win over the public’s tastebuds, it was Frosting Cupcakery with their 45 different cupcake flavours who won over the official judges: Mark Busse, Miranda Nelson, Sheri Radford, Anya Levykh, Jen Ranjit, and Elizabeth White.

Alongside providing the city of Vancouver with a day of fun and free samples of delicious cupcakes, Pak and Marie “really wanted to create a Foodie event that would attract a large, eclectic audience.” The event was a definite success with over a thousand cupcake lovers coming to taste, judge, and enjoy some of British Columbia’s finest cupcakes. This was truly an event that “really helped to bring the community together.”

Both the business participants and attendees enjoyed themselves with a unanimous agreement that this was an “awesome, unforgettable event” and they hope that the Vancouver Cupcake Challenge will continue to be an annual event.


If you are interested in participating at the next Cupcake Challenge, you can contact Nicole at [email protected].