Meet Richmond's 365 days of dining blogger: Lindsay Anderson

The Vancouver Observer interviews Lindsay Anderson, winner of the Richmond 365 days of dining campaign. We find out the best and worst things she’s ever tried, her likes and dislikes and much more.

Lindsay Anderson, Richmond's 365 days of dining winner
Lindsay Anderson, winner of Richmond's 365 Days of Dining competition. Image from Linds.eats.

For 365 days of dining in Richmond, it requires a little more than simply a big stomach and a passion for food.  It requires a solid strategy, an exercise routine and guts—lots of them. All of which Vancouver’s  Lindsay Anderson, former cheese mongerer, goat herder and long-time food fanatic, possesses.

Anderson will be dining out in Richmond for 365 days, sampling, experiencing, and reviewing the Asian-dominated cuisine. “[Asian cuisine] is a new thing for me but I thought it would be good for this campaign because...I’ll have a fresh perspective,” Anderson explains, having studied mostly European cuisine in the past. “I don’t know a lot about Asian food [but] I get to spend a whole year learning about eating and meeting people.”

Asian cuisine, Chinese food in particular, is known for its unique and strange dishes, but this doesn’t seem to faze Richmond’s food blogger much. “I’m outgoing and really happy to try [weird things]. I tried jellyfish for the first time today and decided it tasted interesting. I didn’t mind it. [But] I was happy to move on to the next thing.”

While growing up, Anderson’s family helped to breed an outgoing nature in her eating habits. “We were only allowed one thing we weren’t forced to eat [growing up]. My thing was olives. I love them now though.”

Although the opportunity to dine out every single day of the year seems exciting, Anderson admits it’s still work. “[The most difficult thing] will be having to provide interesting, engaging information out every day and putting yourself out into the world....It’s a new thing [for me] being out in the public eye.”

So far, this has been an exciting but tiring experience for Anderson. “I respect it’s been a lot of work and I’m not very efficient yet, but I’ve tried quite a few things already that I haven’t tried before and I’ve had a lovely time dining and had many lovely people respond [to the reviews.].”

These next 300 something days of dining are merely the beginning of Anderson’s journey with food. “I hope to improve on my own skills and see where it can take me because...I recognize this is my passion. I want to do writing and food and creative things for the rest of my life.”


Quick questions with Richmond’s 365 day diner

One thing that every foodie should try?

Single origin chocolate.

“Get get your hands on high quality single origin chocolate. It’s remarkable how distinct the chocolate is.”

Worst experience you’ve ever had with food?

“The worst things are the things I’ve cooked myself. I once made a peanut butter and cheese whiz sandwich—and ate it.”

Favourite restaurant of all time?

“A restaurant in Bergen, Norway. There’s this restaurant that serves only things grown in the area. The wine is made from fruits in the area and we had this special beef from this regional breed of cow, and butter made from spruce tips. It tasted incredible. Not cheap at all but it was lovely.”

Scariest thing you’ve ever eaten?


“It was born out of  waste not want not culture. They take old, mouldy cheese and mix it all together then add alcohol....and let it ferment. It turns into a living, oozy grey mixture. It was remarkably terrible.”

One thing you can’t stand to eat?


“I have a problem with texture. And okay I don’t love raddichio. I have issues with bitter things.”


Check out Lindsay’s 365 days of dining in Richmond at

Lindsay also has her own blog and you can also check out her contest-winning Youtube video.

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