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Tips for preparing and tasting wine

You've bought the bottle, now what? Not everyone has a wine cellar, so here are a few tips on how to store your wine and maintain that fantastic aromatic flavour.

All photos by Thomas Sangouard


The temperature is key. The wine must be between 5 to 18 °C. If you buy a bottle of wine, you must ensure that you maintain a good temperature at home. A wine cellar is perfect but if you don’t have, you can choose a cool closet or any cool spot. As well, the bottle must be protected from sunlight, humidity and movement.

You can roll up the bottle with newspaper or put it in a carton. Then, lay the bottle horizontal (the wine must touch the cork).


First step, cut the ring and take it off, the wine must not touch this material. Take a good corkscrew and be careful to not traverse all the cork until the end. Screw straight, then pull delicately the cork out. If the cork smells like the wine, then it’s a good sign!

Take a napkin and wipe off the bottleneck.


This is an important step before you can drink you wine. Decanting your wine means to aerate the wine in order to reveal the flavour and filter some deposits. The better way consist in put the wine in a carafe.

For young wine, wait around one or two hours. For the old wine, 15 minutes is perfect.

Choice of glass

We often forget about this step, but selecting the right glass is crucial in keeping flavour. Here are a few tips to help you pick the best glass for the best wine.

- A simple glass with a tulip shape is best

- The glass should be thin. A crystal glass works best.

- Don’t use a glass with motifs

- Wash the glass very well in order to avoid the soap stains

- If you’re tasting several wines, make sure to change the glass each time.


To serve a proper glass of wine, you must follow two essential rules:

1. incline the glass

2. fill it until about one thirds.

You can now enjoy your wine, but here are a few tips on how to truly taste and appreciate your wine.


Tasting is both a simple and a complex process. Here are three steps to help you appreciate your wine.

1. Colour

Watch the intensity of the colour, it must be bright and vivid

2. The smell

Rotate the glass and smell it in order to feel the aromas from vegetables, animal and mineral

3. The taste

- The attack : the first three seconds are important because the wine can be strong or soft.

- The middle: the flavour takes place in your mouth and the alcohol takes action too

- The end: it’s the perseverance of the aromas in your mouth.

Conserve the wine after opening

The best way to conserve an open bottle of wine is to recork the bottle (humidity side) and put it in the fridge.


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