Volkmar Richter Feed https://www.vancouverobserver.com/contributor_content/160 en Roma, one of the year’s best, animated Spider-Man, also a best, Mary Queen of Scots, not an equal https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/roma-one-year-s-best-animated-spider-man-also-best-mary-queen-scots-not-equal Also a rare Peter Jackson-produced dud, a toned-down Deadpool re-release, a self-destructive country singer and a Clint Eastwood film under-promoted around here<p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/roma-one-year-s-best-animated-spider-man-also-best-mary-queen-scots-not-equal" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies Alfonso Cuarón Animation blaze Clint Eastwood country music English history Margot Robbie Mary Queen of Scots Mexico Mortal Engine New Movies Once Upon a Deadpool re-release Roma Ryan Reynolds Saoirse Ronan Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse The Mule Vancouver-filmed young adult novel Fri, 14 Dec 2018 14:36:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 23942 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com Tea and laughs with four Dames, honoring Vancouver sports history and one seriously creepy Scandinavian film https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/tea-and-laughs-four-dames-honoring-vancouver-sports-history-and-one-seriously-creepy Also thinking about what exactly is Democracy, a Canadian attempt at an African-American comedy, a new film fest and a classic re-release<p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/tea-and-laughs-four-dames-honoring-vancouver-sports-history-and-one-seriously-creepy" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies Anna and the Apocalypse border Finding Big Country Irish Film Festival Judy Dench Love Jacked Maggie Smith New Movies Nothing Like A Dame Scandinavian mythology Schindler’s List Vancouver Grizzlies What is Democracy? Fri, 07 Dec 2018 16:13:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 23938 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com Three true stories: about Vincent van Gogh, a Sikh-Canadian boxer and a prosecutor at Nuremberg https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/three-true-stories-about-vincent-van-gogh-sikh-canadian-boxer-and-prosecutor Also a caution about too much star-gazing, a master filmmaker’s latest from Turkey and three more from the European Film Festival <p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/three-true-stories-about-vincent-van-gogh-sikh-canadian-boxer-and-prosecutor" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies A Serious Game At Eternity’s Gate Austria boxing Canadian Sikh Clara Latvia New Movies Prosecuting Evil search for life Space Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe Sweden The Pagan King The Wild Pear Tree Tiger Turkish films Vincent Van Gogh war crimes Fri, 30 Nov 2018 15:56:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 23935 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com Green Book, the film of the year so far, plus new visits by Robin Hood and Ralph https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/green-book-film-year-so-far-plus-new-visits-robin-hood-and-ralph Also, another Rocky-driven bout, patriarchy and medicine in old Vienna and the start of a brand new film festival <p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/green-book-film-year-so-far-plus-new-visits-robin-hood-and-ralph" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies American south Animation boxing Creed II Dr. Franz Mesmer Edge of the Knife Eve Hewson Green Book Haida mythology Jamie Foxx Jim Crow John C. Reilly Mademoiselle Paradis Michael B. Jordan New Movies racism Ralph Breaks the Internet Robin Hood Rocky Sarah Silverman Sylvester Stallone Taron Egerton Vienna Fri, 23 Nov 2018 15:01:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 23929 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com More hacking exploits by Lisbeth Salander, gay aversion slammed in Boy Erased and a hypnotic mystery from Korea https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/more-hacking-exploits-lisbeth-salander-gay-aversion-slammed-boy-erased-and-hypnotic Also a teen girl tries to escape her problems through improv theatre<p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/more-hacking-exploits-lisbeth-salander-gay-aversion-slammed-boy-erased-and-hypnotic" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies Animation Boy Erased Burning Claire Foy experimental theatre gay aversion Korea Lisbeth Salander Lucas Hedges Madeline’s Madeline Millenium novels New Movies Nicole Kidman Overlord Russell Crowe The Girl in the Spider’s Web The Grinch World War II Fri, 09 Nov 2018 12:27:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 23920 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com Widows of criminals doing it for themselves, the seed of modern politics and the perils of war reporting https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/widows-criminals-doing-it-themselves-seed-modern-politics-and-perils-war-reporting Also an ingenious take on the migrant crisis, and a second appreciation this year of Ingmar Bergman that adds to what we already know from the first <p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/widows-criminals-doing-it-themselves-seed-modern-politics-and-perils-war-reporting" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies A Private War Colin Farrell Filmmaking German films Hugh Jackman migrant crisis New Movies Rosamund Pike Searching for Ingmar Bergman Steve McQueen Sweden The Front Runner transit Viola Davis war correspondent Widows Fri, 09 Nov 2018 12:06:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 23919 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com Melissa’s forgeries, Rami’s dead-on Freddie Mercury and a cult classic re-imagined https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/melissa-s-forgeries-rami-s-dead-freddie-mercury-and-cult-classic-re-imagined Also: a bit of opera (real with Maria Callas and fictional in Bel Canto) and an ode to BC’s chief geographical feature in This Mountain Life <p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/melissa-s-forgeries-rami-s-dead-freddie-mercury-and-cult-classic-re-imagined" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies Bel Canto Bohemian Rhapsody Can You Ever Forgive Me collectibles Freddie Mercury Maria by Callas Melissa McCarthy New Movies Nobody’s Fool Nutcracker Queen Rami Malek Suspiria This Mountain Life Tiffany Haddish Tilda Swinton Tyler Perry Fri, 02 Nov 2018 06:01:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 23911 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com A touching drama about dementia, a daredevil rock climb and another 007 spoof https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/touching-drama-about-dementia-daredevil-rock-climb-and-another-007-spoof Also a teen’s life lessons from skateboarders and a cold war anachronism with submarines<p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/touching-drama-about-dementia-daredevil-rock-climb-and-another-007-spoof" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies Blythe Danner dementia Emma Thompson Free Solo Gerard Butler Hunter Killer Johnny English Strikes Again Jonah Hill Michael Shannon Mid90s New Movies rock climbing Rowan Atkinson Russia submarine warfare What They Had Fri, 26 Oct 2018 10:22:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 23907 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com Films about a son’s addiction, the continuing assault on sharks and a Halloween killer's return https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/films-about-son-s-addiction-continuing-assault-sharks-and-halloween-killers-return Also films on modern romance, politics and Thanksgiving, a youth version of Black Lives Matter, a hapless small town cop and some very funny animation from France<p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/films-about-son-s-addiction-continuing-assault-sharks-and-halloween-killers-return" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies Culture addiction animated film Beautiful Boy Black Lives Matter Canadian films Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis New Movies racism shark hunt Sharkwater Extinction Texas cop Thanksgiving The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales The Hate U Give The New Romantic The Oath Thunder Road Fri, 19 Oct 2018 13:06:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 23903 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com Three films of big journeys: to the moon, to a seedy motel and to personal empowerment https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/three-films-big-journeys-moon-seedy-motel-and-personal-empowerment Also visualizing human damage to the earth, meeting an uncommon pop star and learning about a Canadian’s unusual success story<p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/three-films-big-journeys-moon-seedy-motel-and-personal-empowerment" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies : New movies Anthropocene The Human Epoch Bad Times at the El Royale Bigger body building Canadian films Chris Hemsworth Colette Dominic West environmental distress First Man Goosebumps 2 healthy living Jeff Bridges Jon Hamm Keira Knightley Matangi Maya M.I.A moon landing Neil Armstrong Pop Music Ryan Gosling Fri, 12 Oct 2018 11:16:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 23899 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com