Volkmar Richter Feed https://www.vancouverobserver.com/contributor_content/160 en Bad Boys shoot again; Adam Sandler gets loud in Uncut Gems and Clemency ruminates on capital punishment https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/bad-boys-shoot-again-adam-sandler-gets-loud-uncut-gems-and-clemency-ruminates And for the kids: A superior Japanese anime in Weathering With You, Robert Downey Jr. talking to the animals in Dolittle and your chance to sing along with Frozen II.<p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/bad-boys-shoot-again-adam-sandler-gets-loud-uncut-gems-and-clemency-ruminates" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies Adam Sandler Alfre Woodard anime Bad Boys for Life capital punishment Clemency Climate Change Dolittle Frozen II japan Martin Lawrence New Movies Robert Downey Jr. Uncut Gems Weathering with You Will Smith Fri, 17 Jan 2020 08:04:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 24134 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com 1917: a must-see, Just Mercy, a should-see, and Underwater, a don’t-bother https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/1917-must-see-just-mercy-should-see-and-underwater-don-t-bother But do check out three others making a welcome return from last fall’s film festival <p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/1917-must-see-just-mercy-should-see-and-underwater-don-t-bother" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies 1917 And the Birds Rained Down BC coast black victims Brazil injustice Just Mercy Kirsten Stewart Like a Boss New Movies ocean disaster solitary lives tankers The Invisible Life of Eurídice Gusmão The Whale and the Raven undersea drilling Underwater Weathering with You women’s rights World War One Fri, 10 Jan 2020 13:59:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 24133 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com So many contenders for 2019's 10-best list, plus a festival of new and classic Italian films https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/so-many-contenders-2019s-10-best-list-plus-festival-new-and-classic-italian-films There are no new reviews this week. That’s because except for one small horror movie (see below) no new films opened. There’s a sizable bunch coming next week but right now, especially as the awards...<p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/so-many-contenders-2019s-10-best-list-plus-festival-new-and-classic-italian-films" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies A Hidden Life best films of 2019 best films of the decade Canadian films Disney Italian films Knives Out Netflix New Movies Parasite The Irishman The Two Popes Fri, 03 Jan 2020 11:22:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 24131 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com 3 more films for the holiday season: Little Women, Song of Names and Spies in Disguise https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/3-more-films-holiday-season-little-women-song-names-and-spies-disguise Plus notes on a couple of new arrivals I have not been able to preview<p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/3-more-films-holiday-season-little-women-song-names-and-spies-disguise" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies Animation Australia classic novel Clive Owen Holocaust Ip Man 4: The Finale Little Women Louisa May Alcott martial arts New Movies Quebec film Song of Names Spies in Disguise The Nightingale Tim Roth Will Smith Fri, 27 Dec 2019 10:49:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 24129 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com Three very good films arrive at the same time: Bombshell, A Hidden Life and Star Wars #9 https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/three-very-good-films-arrive-same-time-bombshell-hidden-life-and-star-wars-9 Also now playing or about to start: Cats, the giant musical, 63 Up, the latest visit with old friends, and Compulsive Liar, a big hit comedy from Quebec<p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/three-very-good-films-arrive-same-time-bombshell-hidden-life-and-star-wars-9" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies 63 UP A Hidden Life Andrew Lloyd Webber bombshell cats Charlize Theron Compulsive Liar conscientious objector growing old growing up Ian McKellen John Lithgow Judy Dench musical New Movies Nicole Kidman Quebec comedy series wind-up sexual harassment Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Taylor Swift Terrence Malick Fri, 20 Dec 2019 08:14:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 24128 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com Wise talk by The Two Popes; a media circus for Richard Jewell and big action in Jumanji https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/wise-talk-two-popes-media-circus-richard-jewell-and-big-action-jumanji Also: That Higher Level as a free gift from the National Film Board and a clumsy seasonal theme in The Kindness of Strangers<p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/wise-talk-two-popes-media-circus-richard-jewell-and-big-action-jumanji" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies Anthony Hopkins Atlanta bombing Black Christmas Clint Eastwood Dwayne Johnson Jonathan Pryce Jumanji The Next Level New Movies Richard Jewell That Higher Level The Kindness of Strangers The Two Popes video games young musicians Fri, 13 Dec 2019 16:35:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 24126 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com Greek tragedy goes modern with Antigone, black family life in Waves and a film artist’s self portrait https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/greek-tragedy-goes-modern-antigone-black-family-life-waves-and-film-artist-s-self Also: Isabelle Huppert hosts a crowd as Frankie, notes on some highlights at Whistler, including a time travel enigma and a seemingly under-achieving children’s film<p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/greek-tragedy-goes-modern-antigone-black-family-life-waves-and-film-artist-s-self" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies Academy Award entry Antigone black families Brendan Gleeson Frankie French auteur Isabelle Huppert Marisa Tomei New Movies Quebec film time travel Vancouver film Varda by Angès Volition waves Sat, 07 Dec 2019 04:14:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 24125 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com A scary Marriage Story, a classy Knives Out murder mystery and fighting DuPont in Dark Waters https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/scary-marriage-story-classy-knives-out-murder-mystery-and-fighting-dupont-dark Also black lives matter for Queen & Slim, the Winnipeg General Strike recalled in Stand! and an actor’s true story in Honey Boy<p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/scary-marriage-story-classy-knives-out-murder-mystery-and-fighting-dupont-dark" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies Adam Driver Black Lives Matter Christopher Plummer Daniel Craig Dark Waters Dupont Fathers and Sons Honey Boy Knives Out Mark Ruffalo Marriage Story murder mystery New Movies Queen & Slim Scarlett Johansson Shia LaBoeuf Stand! Winnipeg General Strike Fri, 29 Nov 2019 15:47:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 24121 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers; Elsa and friends in Frozen II and cops and robbers mayhem inside 21 Bridges https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/tom-hanks-mr-rogers-elsa-and-friends-frozen-ii-and-cops-and-robbers-mayhem-inside-21 Also a nostalgia binge thanks to a Recorder and a few gems from the European Film Festival<p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/tom-hanks-mr-rogers-elsa-and-friends-frozen-ii-and-cops-and-robbers-mayhem-inside-21" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies 21 Bridges A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Animation Bruno Ganz European Union Film Festival Frozen II In Times of Fading Light Mr. Rogers New Movies Recorder: the Marion Stokes Project The Tobacconist The Weeping House of Qala Tom Hanks Fri, 22 Nov 2019 17:01:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 24118 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com Blasts from the past: Hoffa hires The Irishman, new-style Charlie’s Angels and car racing in Ford v Ferrari https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/blasts-past-hoffa-hires-irishman-new-style-charlie-s-angels-and-car-racing-ford-v Also films from South Asia: one history and an entire festival <p><a href="https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/newmovies/blasts-past-hoffa-hires-irishman-new-style-charlie-s-angels-and-car-racing-ford-v" target="_blank">read more</a></p> New Movies Al Pacino Charlie’s Angels Christian Bale Elizabeth Banks Ford v Ferrari Kristin Stewart Martin Scorsese Matt Damon mobsters New Movies Patrick Stewart Robert DeNiro South Asian Film The Good Liar The Irishman tv shows Warrior Queen of Jhansi Fri, 15 Nov 2019 16:06:00 +0000 Volkmar Richter 24116 at https://www.vancouverobserver.com