Comic Darren Frost ready to fire up city

Darren Frost is bringing his hilarious R-rated tour to Yuk Yuks Vancouver for one night only, Sunday, May 17th.

Arguably the most controversial comedian in the country, the Brantford, Ontario native and veteran of the Canadian comedy scene is unapologetically outspoken while his act has been described as nothing short of a live exorcism.

Frost is convinced his show will make for a refreshing treat for the typically laid-back West Coast audiences.

Mark Breslin, writing in the Guide to Canadian Stand-up Comedy, describes Frost as “a comedian who may represent our troubled age better than anyone. There’s the edge, and then there’s further, and then there is Darren Frost.”

Although Frost has enjoyed some recent success in Vancouver, the comedian is quick to suggest that it’s a tough town when it comes to comedy. He says he needs to work extra hard in the port city for his laughs.

“It comes with the territory for the kind of comedy I do,” Frost maintains. “Social commentary or button –pushing comedy forces you to work hard because audiences are not always on your side.”

Certainly, that was the case back in 2013, when an intoxicated audience member chucked a beer bottle at his chest during a performance.

Then there was the time he was forced to kick out the 20 rowdy “St. Westley Church Pissers” from his Yuk Yuks show back when it was still on Burrard Street.

That one, he admits, was a lot less painful, and he enjoyed the challenge of working them into the show, Frost laughs.

Says Frost: “Sometimes comedy is like a flesh-eating wound where you have to cut off the arm to save the body.”

But for the most part, his fans cooperate and come out in droves to celebrate his uniqueness.

This time around Frost is curious to see how playing in a city with a dispensary on every corner will affect his audience. He proposes that he may need to breathe a bit more fire into the crowd just to keep them on their toes.

Frost is currently touring the country, celebrating the release of his Darkness Within box set, a collection of over 25 hours of content spanning his 25-year career.

For your chance to win a copy, visit here.

For tickets, go here.

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