"Jelly Roll Morton Making Concert" at the Patricia Hotel

I was going to hear Blues and Jazz at the Patricia Hotel, 403 E. Hastings St. in Vancouver. The event was Jelly Roll Morton Making Vancouver Concert, hosted by Stephen Quinn of CBC Radio One's "On...

Piano Teachers Federation helping music students find the right teacher

The Galactic Federation of...Piano Teachers?

Great gift ideas for Vancouver music lovers

What can you buy a music lover in Vancouver?

Conductor Ken Hsieh

“I always say conducting is 40 percent music, 20 percent technique, and 40 percent psychology---psychology in the sense of how you convince people to go with your idea,” Hsieh said. Conducting is mor

Great gift ideas for Vancouver music lovers

What do you buy a music lover for Christmas in Vancouver?

Over The Influence

As I sat in the audience watching Over The Influence perform at 604 DELITE, I felt like I was witnessing the dancer's equivalent to a Master's thesis. I caught up with this dance crew after...

Vancouver's Top Dance Crews Take Over the Vogue Theatre with 604 DELITE

604 Delite contained theatrical elements and entertaining narratives that pushed the boundaries of traditional dance performances. On Sunday at the Vogue Theatre Vancouver’s top dance crews received...

Vancouver band Bleating Hearts wields much emotional insight

This Vancouver band really bleats.

Afro-Caribbean Music Continues in Surrey with the Heros Band of BC

“Our songs are mainly about love, unity, peace and freedom,” says Elijah Onosemuode, lead singer about  his band, Heros Band of BC. Another member of Heros Band named Victor Lado notes, "The...