After collaborating with rappers like Dr. Dre and Nas, Chin Injeti's new acoustic solo album "D'tach" drops today

Vancouver's Chin Injeti has made music with DJ Khalil, The Clipse, Kayne West, Nas, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, and Drake. But his new album, D'tach, is a masterpiece of solo simplicity.

Akufen and Stephen Beaupré sets at Lotus Sound Lounge

Wanna be cool? Get down to some Microhouse.

Vancouver Rockers Ingram Shulz taking the stage at J-Lounge

Vancouver based rock group Ingram Shulz performing their unique take on rock-and-roll classics at J-Lounge on Thursday, April 15th.

Singer/Songwriter Acoustic Rock Night soothes audience at Café Montmartre on Main Street

A little piece of Montmartre, Paris, France in Vancouver.

Raphael Saadiq Tops off Cultural Olympiad With Legendary Soul

Raphael Saadiq brought his legendary soul music to our lofty Orpheum as part of Vancouver's Cultural Olympiad series.  If there's one thing VANOC definitely did right, it was Saturday night....

Jamie Cullum Brings Class to the Commodore

With the release of his new album, The Pursuit, Jamie Cullum and crew arrived in town on Saturday night for the sold out Vancouver stop of their North American tour.  The Commodore was bursting...

Tracey Mills of The Beat 94.5 talks Promotions

Tracey Mills has been serving promotions to the Greater Vancouver Area since 2003.

Gomez Brings It On at the Orpheum Theatre

The Orpheum Theatre was a perfect venue for the British indie five-piece band Gomez whose musical journey started  in 1998 in England when their first album ‘Bring It On’ won the prestigious...