Evgenia Rabinovich is a peak performer at the 2010 National Canadian Music Competition

Evgenia Rabinovich was born in Saratov Russia in 1993. Today she is respected as one of the top young pianists in Canada. The meritorious Evgenia completed a university minischool program for...

Opera Pro Cantanti celebrates 100 performances

If you were lucky enough to wander past the Cambrian Hall on August 8th, you may have caught a few notes of Bellini, Verdi, or Bartok wafting through the otherwise still evening air.

All’s fair at the fair

Huey Lewis and The News were just one of the ways I found to have good old fashioned fun at the PNE...

This Is Franco: sneak preview

This really is Franco.

GREASE is coming; get tickets in advance

The stage sensation GREASE is coming to Vancouver and here's your chance to get tickets in advance!

Matisyahu: rockin’ the heart of reggae

You’ve probably never seen an Orthodox Jew headbang unless you’ve been to a Matisyahu concert. His hair a little silver, beard covering his face, he seems wise beyond his 31 years, but can still...

Check out 20th and FINAL Under The Volcano Festival on Sunday

The 20th and FINAL Under The Volcano Festival on Sunday

Vancouver's Sabatour