Vancouver music release roundup - spring edition

This spring, Vancouver is rich with a fresh crop of music releases across all genres.

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Title: FearlessFearless album art
Artist(s): Tiffany Desrosiers
Genre: Pop / EDM
Label: Self-released
Sample: Stream the full EP

Vancouver popera goddess Tiffany Desrosiers had a good time making her new EP, that isn’t hard to tell. All of her vocal performances come with a technical confidence that most singers will simply never have, which frees her to command her music from mountaintops, and she commands you to dance. Fearless climbs to its peak on “Love’s a Losing Game,” a power-ballad with a serious hook. “The World Is Ours”’s swirling melisma of ooos flaunts the best opera-crossover moment, a memorable piece of ear candy that you get to keep. -NL


Title: Komagata Maru
Artist(s): Neelamjit Dhillon, alto saxophone, bansuri, tabla, composer; Chris Gestrin, piano; André Lachance, bass; Dan Gaucher, drums
Genre: Jazz
Label: CD Baby
Sample: Munshi Singh: Trial for a Sanguine Tomorrow

Xenophobic immigration laws, tweaked to keep Asians out even while opening the flood gates to others, returned to Vancouver 100 years later as the source material for jazz musician Neelamjit Dhillon. Komagata Maru—the incident—is a deeply troubling episode in Vancouver's racist past; Komagata Maru—the CD—is also deep, but this time its depth comes from how it brings together classical Indian raag and cool jazz sophistication. Komagata Maru is neither derivative nor misappropriated. Indeed Neelamjit, a Vancouver-based South Asian, has credibility to burn as he drifts effortlessly from intoxicating classical raag form to sleepy alto saxophone urbanity. This makes for rich, rich listening reminding us of the potential of shared culture, new as it is here in Canada. Among the cover notes is a lengthy set of acknowledgements, the last of which is most poignant - "To those who fight for justice". -JH


Title: OptimizedOptimized album art
Artist(s): Snit (Jessi Zapton, vocals; Kati Jensen, drums; Robert Tunold, bass; Trevor McEachran, guitar)
Genre: Post-punk
Label: Self-released
Sample: Stream the full album

Optimized, not optimal. “Start your life over as somebody new / A brand-new you, a younger you” Jessie Zapton commands on the sardonic surf-trip bad-trip “Seconds.” Disjointed waves of drums crash into belligerent basslines, while guitars squeal around in a panic. As punk often does, Optimized shouts blunt and laconic; song titles like “Consumption,” “Compulsion” and “Night Sweats” make the point obvious as bullshit. RIYL washing your good china with a hammer. -NL


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