The best 50 songs of 2014

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10. FKA twigs – “Video Girl”

FKA twig’s 2014 stride into the spotlight was dimmed only in tone with this macabre pop mantra.

9. Bobby Shmurda – “Shmoney Dance (feat. Rowdy Rebel)”

Spending Christmas at Rikers Island prison on multiple gang-related charges, it’s recently been a rough go for Ackquille Jean Pollard aka “Bobby Shmurda.” Thankfully, there’s no undoing the braggadocios brilliance brought forth by this game-changing dance-along.

8. Lord Mantis – “Body Choke”

Simply the year’s ugliest song; summing the swelling, filthy rise of sludge metal. Heinously awe-inspiring, NSFL (not safe for life).

7. Lucki Eck$ – "Ouch Ouch (feat. FKA twigs)"

Swirling surrealism brought to you by the most underrated voice in alternative hip-hop, accompanied by Britain’s favourite post-diva.

6. Swans – “Bring the Sun/Toussaint L’Ouverature”

A song that will guide you to the middle of a damp field at midnight, and then shake you to believe the earth is about to split and heave up beneath you. #longlisten

5. Run the Jewels – "Angel Duster"

The hardest-hitting song of the year: complete with face-smashing beat, and bravura rebellion for lyrics: “A little toast to the no ones/ With a nod to the masters/ To the ones with the riches/ From the ones who the rags fit.”

4. Zola Jesus – “Dangerous Days”

Make sure your iPod’s charged. Travel immediately to the nearest wooded glen. Adorn headphones. Press play. Bliss.

3. Movement – “Us”

You’ll groove uncontrollably to this aussie trio’s darkly-wrapped dance minimalism. Super saucy.

2. Goldlink – “When I Die”

Little is known about the surreptitious Virginia rapper, but he carved us a diamond with this poignant poem. (That's not him in the video.)

1. iLoveMakonnen – “Tuesday (feat. Drake)”

In a work-torn era when Loverboy’s weekend worship no longer applies, the world turns to alt-R&B cuddlebug ILoveMakonnen and his weeknight club theme.

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