Raven Calling Productions is delighted to announce a new musical offering from Canadian Aboriginal Music Award winning singer Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson. The passionate advocate for Haida culture is launching her “New Journeys” album at the UBC Museum of Anthropology, June 23 at 8:00pm.  
Terri-Lynn and musicians will perform selections from the new CD, followed by a performance by the Rainbow Creek Dancers. A second CD release event is planned for June 28 at the Haida Heritage Centre in Skidegate, Haida Gwaii.  Songs on the CD were written by Terri-Lynn and her husband, well-known Haida artist Robert Davidson in the Haida language, along with two traditional Haida songs paired with world music instrumentation, exquisitely arranged by Bruce Ruddell.
Terri-Lynn and Bruce worked together to ensure the integrity of the Haida music tradition, showcasing the melodic voice of Terri-Lynn embedded into a landscape of percussion, piano, guitar and strings.  The result is a unique and compelling combination of musical traditions that has never been done before. , “I trusted Bruce to create a classic, musical bridge from one culture to another.” explains Terri-Lynn.  “I find Haida songs very beautiful, and hope that instrumentation will help others experience their beauty and connect to the music in a way that may not be possible with Haida music in a more traditional format.”
An award winning classical composer, known internationally, this is Bruce Ruddell’s latest endeavour arranging and producing First Nations music.  He produced a thirteen CD box set, “The Songs of Haida Gwaii” for the Haida Singers Society.  This time he added a new dimension to the songs.  “I wanted to layer the traditional styles with acoustic and electric instruments to texture them and bring them to new audiences.  I was enthusiastic to take on the challenge of writing the new arrangements while at the same time appreciating the sensitivity of Haida culture.  Working with Terri-Lynn made this possible for me.”
The vision for the “New Journeys” CD is to create music that bridges two cultures and helps people of different backgrounds to connect with each other reflecting the current need in Canadian society to reach reconciliation with Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples. 
For more information please visit: www.ravencallingproductions.ca