Justin Bieber bested by Greyson Chance

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Only 12, Greyson performs at a school function and the video from YouTube gets 20 million hits.

When it comes to Youtube sensations, there is a definite trend toward cute, young boys. Justin Bieber has received overnight stardom. People who don’t even care about pop stars are starting to hear about him. Meanwhile, his shows are cancelled due to bloody riots of 14-year-old girls overcome with admiration.

But Bieber has competition. Greyson Chance may not have the smooth stylings of a dancer personally trained by Usher, but he has something Bieber doesn’t: musical talent that will last beyond pre-pubescence. He already has over 20 million hits on YouTube and signed a record deal, despite the fact that his first video went up only a month ago: a school performance of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. 

We think Greyson can give Bieber a run for his money. His aptitude for the piano and natural musical talent will take Greyson much further than Bieber’s boyish looks, which will soon fade as he enters his teens, and “adorable” voice, which will also change as he grows older and perhaps grows out of the starlight. 

There have already been many comparisons between these two young stars that are rising very quickly to fame. Both have made an appearance on the Ellen DeGenerese Show, apparently a necessary step from Youtube to stardom. Justin Bieber is Canadian born, from Stratford, Ontario.  Greyson Chance is American, from Edmond, Oklahoma roughly twice the population of Stratford.

Some viewers are annoyed (perhaps tinged with jealousy) with the immediate attention paid to these possibly inauthentic personalities, seeing them as a trend that will soon burn out and fade away. Most people are overcome with love and awe, unable to believe that such young people are able to accomplish so much.  

I suppose we will learn with time which star will maintain their fame, and which will be quickly forgotten. 

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