Jeremy Fisher For Real

 If you had to describe your music to God, and you only had three sentences to do it, and God was going to decide on the spot whether to admit you to heaven or send you packing to hell, based on your description: how would you describe your work?

Jeremy Fisher: Oops, I didn't think you existed. Since you know what I'm thinking (and have thought, oh no!) there's not much to say. All that aside, I know you love me and I can hold a tune, need a Tenor in the choir?

Linda: What are your three biggest challenges as a musician today?

Jeremy: Hmm, right now I'm working on writing a new record so finding the right way to say what I want to say is my biggest challenge. Trying to find a business model (ie. way of getting paid) that works for me is a tough in a world where music is free and touring is expensive, but I appreciate that there are many options. Third biggest challenge? I'm learning to play drums and it's the hardest instrument I've ever tried.

Linda: What do you think about the music scene in Vancouver?

Jeremy: Because I tour for a living I'm not too much a part of the Vancouver music 'scene', but as a lover of music I can say that I'm into a lot of Vancouver bands. Said The Whale, New Odds, Hannah Georgas, Wintermitts, Bells Clanging...they all get a lot of play counts on my iTunes.

Linda: You have this little vlog on UTube. Where is this series going?

Jeremy: For Real with Jeremy Fisher is just something I do for fun. I don't know where it's going, I follow it more than it follows me, and it tends to chase current events.

Linda : Billy Bob said something dumb to the CBC and you did a sweet little satire on it. What is your relationship to Billy Bob Thorton?

Jeremy: I wouldn't call it dumb, for me it was inspirational. I've never met Billy Bob, but I said hello to him once and he seems like a pretty nice guy. Original footage is here:

Linda: Did you do the drawings in the Billy Bob video?

Jeremy: Yes, and it really is my best effort - I don't draw very well.

Linda: I think you do. I think you do a lot of stuff really well. And thanks for that song. It's so great.

Jeremy: Alright, Linda.

Linda: Thanks, Jeremy.

Photo of Jeremy Fisher and helmet

You can find Jeremy here.
You can watch the Vancouver Observer ad with Jeremy's music here:

Jeremy Fisher's cut Scar That Never Heals from his new CD Goodbye Blue Monday plays behind Vancouver Observer's ad in Festival cinemas.

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