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Picks for last days of VIFF: Behaviour, Looking for Light, Yakona

A scene of Behaviour.

Behaviour (Cuba): This is a truly powerful film, well worth seeing. Director Ernesto Daranas delves in the difficult life of 11-year old Chala, who breeds pigeons for living. Chala is lured by easier money raising dogs for dog fighting. He is the bread winner at home, and dutifully takes care of his drug addicted and alcoholic mother. His life apparently is going nowhere. 

But he has the support of his well-respected and veteran teacher Carmela (an outstanding Alina Rodríguez) who would go to great lengths to help Chala. When Carmela falls ill, Chala is sent to a re-education school for kids with behavioural problems. Carmela goes back to get Chala, knowing that kind of school isn't right for him. To help Chala, she butt heads with the social worker who is stuck with bureaucratic formality that doesn't take in account the well-being of the child.

This is one of the finest contemporary Cuban films that focuses on social issues with a captivating, flowing narrative and great visuals. The film a talented cast -- non-professional actor Armando Valdés Freire as Chala, in particular, is a revelation. Oct 9, Vancouver Playhouse 1:30 pm)


Mick Jagger captured by Jane Bown's lens.

Looking for Light: Jane Bown (UK): This film promises to be a hit with photographers and photography fans. It’s a documentary about British photojournalist Jane Bown, who is celebrated for her iconic black & white portraits – from Mick Jagger, the Beatles and Bono to Sam Beckett, Winston Churchill to Desmond Tutu.

She spent all her career at UK's The Observer, where she felt like home, starting in 1949. Initially, Bown quietly began to built a reputation amongst her peers and colleagues, until it grew beyond the newspaper’s office. Bown herself appears in the film talking about her difficult childhood, her family and career at the Observer.

Bown favoured people’s faces and always, always in black and white. She preferred working with natural light and was able to get her subjects in their comfort zone, allowing her to capture their inner selves.

The film is pretty basic,and unpretentious, perhaps echoing Bown's personality, but it is engaging. Bown's magnificent photos speak for themselves. The film also includes interviews with novelist Edna O'Brien, journalist Lynn Barber and musician Richard Ashcroft. (Oct 10, VanCity Theatre 10:00 am).

Yakona (US): Dir: Yakona (which means "rising water in the Native Tonkawa language) follows the path of the San Marcos and its headwaters, how it has witnesses history from season to season. It features re-enactments of historical events from pre-historic times, exploring the Native cultures and their intimate connection with Nature, as well as their conflict with colonizers. Yakona's majestic imagery is accompanied by background sound and music. (Oct 9, Cinematheque, 9:15 pm)

 The VIFF also has announced encore screenings of award winning, festival favourites:

Saturday, October 11
Wild Tales 11:15 am, Cinematheque
Everything Will Be 11:30 am, SFU-Woodward
Difret 1:45 pm, Cinematheque
Just Eat It 2:00 pm, SFU-Woodward
Come to My Voice 2:00 pm, Vancity Theatre
Listen Up Philip 4:00pm, Cinematheque
The Wonders 4:00 pm, SFU-Woodward
Miss and the Doctors 4:15 pm, Vancity Theatre
Advanced Style 6:30 pm, SFU-Woodward
In Order of Disappearance 6:30 pm, Cinematheque
God Help the Girl 8:15 pm, SFU-Woodward
Housebound 9:00 pm, Cinematheque

Sunday, October 12
In Search of Chopin 11:00 am, SFU-Woodward
Pristine Coast 11:30 am, Cinematheque
Sitting on the Edge of Marlene 1:30 pm, SFU-Woodward
Walking Under Water 2:15 pm, Cinematheque
Black Fly 4:00 pm, Cinematheque
Jalanan 4:00 pm, SFU-Woodward
Faith Connections 4:30 pm, Vancity Theatre
To Kill a Man 6:30 pm, Cinematheque
Still Life 6:30 pm, SFU-Woodward
Fish & Cat 8:15 pm, Cinematheque
Violent 8:30 pm, SFU-Woodward

Monday, October 13
Art and Craft 2:45 pm, Vancity Theatre
Handmade with Love in France 4:45 pm, Vancity Theatre

For more information visit:

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