Stairway to Heaven

Fredericton-born soprano takes on Mahler masterpiece with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Putting the flame in flamenco

Spain’s dance darling brings her landmark Flamenco Republic to Vancouver

Crowd Packs Show on Opening Night of 'Here is Now' at Chapel Arts: An Exhibit of Fresh, Young History-Makers

On opening night, the line-up for HERE IS NOW spilled down Dunlevy Avenue. The show was packed before 11pm and eventually the fire marshalls had to shut it down.  If you couldn't make it to...

Mad Dog Opens Big Can of City Dog Food in Vancouver

Mad Dog’s “golden castle” is a replica of a Strathcona home that in today’s market sells for a million dollars and is renovated and fortified with bars that keep out robbers on drugs.

About Laurie Anderson

Eclectic art pioneer reflects on the creative process and Delusion, her new multifaceted creation.

Vectorial Elevation Lights Up Vancouver Skies

Until I checked out the Vectorial Elevation website, I didn't realize that participation is a part of the art.

My Interview with 24's Gil Bellows

A brief but in-depth interview with down-to-Earth Canadian actor, Gil Bellows.

The Intriguing Nick Bantock

He looked as if he had just stepped out from an El Greco painting and put on modern clothes.

Italian Piano-Maker Paolo Fazioli dedicates white grand piano to Vancouver's new Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

You'll be able to see and hear this $225,000 Grand at the new Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel.

Martha Sturdy, Designer

When Martha Sturdy sat in front of my Mamiya RZ medium format camera, she looked nothing but glamorous.