Roselina Hung's exuberant creativity comes alive in "Myth and Men"

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In “The Gravity of Venus,” the pink and purple sunset presents a stage-like backdrop for the drama playing out between a woman wearing a curly, red wig atop her natural hair, a fallen man with a lion-head mask over his face, and two babies wearing lamb head masks.  The lambs’ faces express concern. The classically-rendered sunset conflicts with the flattened spaces.  These juxtapositions of flat and two-dimensional space create lively participation for the viewer who seeks to understand both the space and the story.

Roselina Hung's "The Gravity of Venus." 2010. Oil on canvas.

“Rise and Fall of Proserpina” is a dreamlike painting whose protagonist, Proserpina, was a Greek goddess with a cult following in Rome.  One myth has it that Pluto raped Proserpina.  In a painting by Ulpiano Checa, Pluto carries Proserpina’s ravaged body in a carriage pulled by black horses.

Hung’s Proserpina is ambiguous and intriguing.  She flies skyward wearing red-flowered, high-heeled shoes carrying a dripping pomegranate while below her a figure, perhaps a second of herself, reaches upward her head covered by a black horse’s head.

Roselina Hung's "The Rise and Fall of Proserpina," 2010.  Oil on canvas.

About these paintings, Hung says, “The stories we tell ourselves are often to make us feel better about situations we feel we have no control over.  Of Myth and Men asks the viewer to consider how we, like the Ancients’ use of mythology, create stories to understand important events in our lives.”

It can take months for  Hung to create one painting.  The detail work is so intense that after four hours she has to give her eyes a rest.  Her time and attention to each piece is apparent.  Like her winged Prosperina, she is likely on the rise.  

The show will be on exhibit at Initial Gallery until July 5.

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