'The Portrait Project' shoots people's true emotions

"I am intrigued by how people express emotion and the way they look while doing so." — photographer Aharon Jinjihashvili

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Laura K. MacDonald, 28, actress

"I am driven by the power of story to connect one another."

Laura K MacDonald 28 actress - Aharon Jinjihashvili

Miles Ellis, 49, actor

"None of these were my most flattering of looks, however they ended up being my most honest and beautiful ones."

Miles Ellis 49 Actor - Aharon Jinjihashvili

Nicole Fonseca

"Enjoying the world, want to join me?"

Nicole Fonseca actress - Aharon Jinjihashvili


Phoebe Miu, 24, Actor, Photographer

“We are infinite. What keeps me going every day is the awareness that I am so, so fortunate to know this."

Phoebe Miu 24 Actor Photographer - Aharon Jinjihashvili

Sasha Ballon, actress

"Human nature inspires me to create, to perform, to be an artist. I fear my fire and passion will burn out but I know this won't happen as long as there are stories left to tell and discoveries to be made.”

Sasha Ballon actress - Aharon Jinjihashvili

Sidartha Murjani, 28, actor

"Art for me is an expression of what is and what can be. As an artist I still strive to show people what can be from what is."Sidartha Murjani 28 actor - Aharon Jinjihashvili

Tatyana Prior, 20, yoga instructor

"The scariest thought is, waking up at 43 in a job you hate with people you can't stand, constantly waiting for something, something you don't know will ever come, and that’s terrifying."

Tatyana Prior, 20, yoga instructor - Aharon Jinjihashvili

Terry Nelson, 62, retired actor model

“The energy I get from an audience is like a drug, which is why performers keep on performing no matter their age.”

Terry Nelson 62 retired actor model - Aharon Jinjihashvili

Tyler Alexander Onassis, 29, actor

"I act to search for who I may be, dreams of a life beyond what I ever had, and deep down I am afraid of forever walking this lonely road to find my "place in the sun."

Tyler Alexander Onassis, 29, actor - Aharon Jinjihashvili

William Victor Marles, 66, retired Santa, actor & writer

“I am forced to confront life as it really is.”

William Victor Marles, Santa, actor, writer - Aharon Jinjihashvili

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