Keith Urban brings country rock to Rogers Arena

Keith Urban walked onto the stage at Rogers Arena on Monday night, all smiles as he bounced up and down, pounding out a long stream of rock songs and heartfelt ballads. His guitar playing was exquisite and he clearly loves what he does.

He won the audience over immediately with his easy going ways, chit chat in between the sets and the way he welcomed everyone to the concert.  He had clearly been reading up a bit about Vancouver and yelled out "Go Canucks Go" as the camera zoomed in on one of the Sedin twins in the audience. Later in the show he even donned a Canucks jersey.

He ran up and down the aisles, sang in different locations of the whole arena and made sure everyone got a good glimpse of him. A very thoughtful star. And clearly, a very, very happy one.

Keith read some of the signs that the audience were holding up, and one of them said "Kiss this girl" so he brought the girl onstage and even if he didn't kiss her, she got a great big hug and the thrill of a lifetime standing next to the star of the evening. She told him that she's learning how to play guitar and that her boyfriend is a great guitar player. She was almost crying as she hugged Keith.

"We don't usually do this, but a friend of mine happens to be in town shooting a movie so he's here tonight...give it up for Russell Crowe!" said Keith all of a sudden. The audience went wild. Including yours truly. I'm a big fan of Russell's and I think I might have been screaming. So much so that I didn't hear what song he was going to perform, but nevertheless, I sang along with it. But I don't know what it was. Someone reading this review probably will know the name of it.

Russell, the ever bad guy that he is,  almost managed to get himself booed off stage before he even played his first chords. It started off well but here is what he said:

"It's my first time in Vancouver.  I must say, it's a beautiful town, but my god you have some bad weather!" the audience fell silent. But he made up for it with some true talent. I did not know that Russell could sing that well, and play the guitar. He looked like a seasoned rock star on stage and he was loving his moment in the spotlight as Keith hung back and let Russell go wild.

Keith and Russell sang a song together and the audience was singing and dancing along. It was a magnificent moment. Two Aussies for the price of one. Certainly more entertainment than anyone had expected.

Keith continued on with the concert, in his tireless ways, and Russell tumbled off stage looking pretty exhausted after two songs. It takes endless energy being a showman. Keith has what it takes.

Keith asked if anyone knew the words to his hit "Kiss a girl" and picked up 3 people from the audience, one guy and two girls. They were asked to sing the chorus. The girls were too giddy to manage to sing straight, but the guy gave it his all and rocked the place. Keith was thrilled and the two of them sang the chorus together. The audience applauded enthusiastically  for the cute boy from Chilliwack who seemed like he had done nothing but stood on stage with Keith Urban. Kudos to him!

A lucky girl in the audience ended up with one of Keith's guitar. She looked like she had won the lottery, and was absolutely stunned as Keith handed her his guitar out of the blue.

As the evening came to an end, Keith sang one last song..."Who wouldn't want to be me" and who wouldn't really? seems like he's living the perfect life. But you want a guy like this to be happy. His last words to the audience were:

"I know a lot of you are going through hard financial times, and hard 'whatever hell' times. I would like to thank you all for coming here this Monday night, and choosing to spend your money on us. I know you all have to get up early to go to work tomorrow, and it's a late evening. I want you to know that I appreciate each and everyone for being here and I hope to see you soon again!" How do you not love a guy like this? I know I do. Come back soon Keith, Vancouver loves you!

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