An enlightening evening with Baljit Rayat and Derrick Bauman

Baljit Rayat and Soundscape Producer Derrick Bauman came together to share their talents with a unique audience at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre.

Rayat is trained as a Reiki Master, Akashic Record Consultant, Soul Journeys ™ Method teacher and creator of Lotus Destiny™ and the Star Activation System. 

Speaking with Rayat, she said her path began as a child, with frequent outer-body experiences, including communications with "higher-beings."  As a girl, these were often fearful events.  "I was scared communicating with my higher beings, so I repressed it because I didn’t know what it was about and had no one to talk to about it...I was more fearful of being seen as a hippy, or “woo-woo” from others." explained Rayat.

Attempting to fit into the status quo, Ryat worked a grueling, unfulfilling architecture job for 3 years, before leaving to pursue homeopathy and energy healing, including Reiki and Soul Journeys ™.  The art of Sacred Geometry inspired her to create beautiful, unique geometric designs which serve to assist in removing old programming in her Star Activations healing system.

Under the sparkling dome of the planetarium, Rayat led a series of nearly-hypnotic readings, instructing us to shut our eyes and breathe deeply.  With each reading a Star Activation design is projected upon the planetarium ceiling and the deeply transcendent sounds of tuning forks and planetary recordings from Derrick Bauman are played.  Rayat spoke of healing, realizing your true potential and guiding one’s self to a "higher state of consciousness" through ridding the body and mind of "old programming", a term used in energy healing that refers to thoughts we learned throughout our life that now no longer serve us, for example, guilt, mis-trust and so on.

How did Bauman and Rayat join forces to create this unique event? Says Rayat, “Derrick and I are long time friends.  We have both done energy healing work together, so based on our relationship as soul brother and sister I knew that he would be a perfect fit for this event…and so did he. My Star Activations complement well with his music."

Bauman’s "Soundscapes" combine the eclectic resonance of tuning forks, planetary recordings, singing bowls and electronic instruments and are used throughout the evening to accompany the "Star Activations".

Not everyone will be as open minded to this type of experience as I was. Having a familiarity with energy healing practices, I was able to comfortably relax into the experience.  Regardless, much of the language used was over my head, and I felt at times that this drew me away from the experience but I took from it what I could and found it to be an effective meditative process. 

For some, “Awakening to the Universe Within” fulfilled the climax of a much longer journey, for others, it is simply the beginning. 

Baljit Rayat provides Soul Coaching for women with an 8 week tele-course called “Awaken Your Goddess Within”.  She also offers a 6 month and 12 month Soul Coaching Program entitled the Divine Goddess Soul Purpose Program.

Contact Baljit Rayat to find out more about this 6 month powerful intensive program and other programs at [email protected].

Derrick Bauman will be releasing his first official album entitled “Starscapes” on March 30, 2011.

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