Wendy Dallian

VO Chats with Writer, Director, and Star of VIFF Film, Son of the Sunshine

The Vancouver Observer's Wendy Dallian sits down with Ryan Ward to talk about his VIFF film, Son of the Sunshine.

The VO Talk with VIFF Director Paul Saltzman

The Vancouver Observer sits down with Paul Saltzman, director of Prom Night in Mississippi.

David Hauka on His New VIFF Film, Certainty

  VO: Could you tell us a little about yourself as a filmmaker? DH: I didn't intend to go in to film at all. I was more interested in science and space. But I found that it was very compelling...

The VO Talks with VIFF Director Peter Esmonde

The Vancouver Observer asks Peter Esmonde a few questions about his film Trimpin: The Sound of Invention.

65_RedRoses Brings Heart to VIFF

The Vancouver's Wendy Dallian talks with director Philip Lyall about his moving film 65_RedRoses.

Taqwacore breaks boundaries at VIFF

I was born in Canada. My parents are Pakistani. I wasn't raised Muslim in a very strict way. My parents identified as Muslim and that was always something in the back of my mind, but we weren't an ext

My Tehran for Sale, at VIFF

Today I had the great pleasure of speaking with director/poet Geranaz Moussavi, about her debut feature film, My Tehran for Sale, a poignant and unique look at life within the largest city in Iran....

VO talks with Director Ahmad Abdalla

The Vancouver Observer's Wendy Dallian contacted director Ahmad Abdalla, via email, to discuss his feature debut film, Heliopolis. Abdalla gives us a compelling look the trials and tribulations of...

Rocaterrania will rock VIFF

Director Brett Ingram's documentary Rocaterrania is a journey through the incredible imagination of the brilliant artist, writer, and visionary, Renaldo Kuhler. Kuhler works as a scientific...

Inglourious Basterds misses the mark

Quentin Tarantino is known for his edgy, gloriously gory revenge fantasies, and his latest work, Inglourious Basterds, delivers on all accounts. What it doesn't deliver however, is a great film,...