Vancouver Observer

Pickton inquiry adds independent lawyers in face of legal funding dispute

Community groups have said they'll boycott investigation because province has denied them individual legal funding -- and they're not happy with latest move.

Pulling meat inspectors in BC could mean unsafe food: Union

Federal inspectors yanked, provinces scramble to patch together alternate safety regime.

Burnaby man accused of killing mother appears in court

Benedict Bernabe Tomajin, a 24-year-old Burnaby man, appeared in court today after being accused of stabbing his mother to death.  Police found his mother bleeding on the pavement outside...

London riots: UK burns as violence spreads across nation

It's anarchy in the UK. Although police calmed London, riots have spread across the country to Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool. Although Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron...

Gold soars to record high amid market uncertainty

After the massive crash of U.S. stocks on Monday, gold is trading higher than ever, finishing at $1,782.50. The Dow Jones made a slight recovery after falling 634.76 points on Monday, but...

London riots: Social media sparks clean up and rioter identification

In the early aftermath of the London riots, social media such as Facebook and twitter have mobilized people to help clean up the damaged streets. As with the Vancouver riot cleanup, many...

U.S. expected to demand billions in penalties over B.C. softwood lumber

Americans claim BC subsidizing lumber, giving local mills a sales advantage.

"You've got mail -- and a sex infection." Now you can say it with an ecard

Provincial health officials aims to make bad news to a former partner a little easier to deliver.

Video: Kanye West compares himself to Hitler

"The media is trying to spin it like I'm crazy ... They don't realize it's to make a better product for y'all," claimed Kanye in at the Big Chill concert in London. In a long-winded speech...

CIA secretly kept eye on Canadian economy, tar sands, mining during Cold War

Declassified reports say Trudeau was torn between urge to play leader of Third World and desire to hold his own with industrial giants.