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Tris Hussey

Tris Hussey is a long-time technologist, blogger, and writer, who started off as an academic and found tech support much more to his liking. After picking up blogging on a whim in 2004, he quickly became both a professional blogger and a leading expert in business blogging. He has been a part of several Web 2.0 startups from blogging software to blogging agencies and continues to write, blog, teach, and consult.

In addition to giving workshops and speaking at conferences, Tris also teaches social media, blogging, podcasting, and WordPress at UBC, BCIT, and other organizations. His first book "Creating Your First Blog: 6 Easy Blogging Projects to Start Blogging Like a Pro" is due out in early 2010 and has already started on his next book, also due out in 2010. Currently Tris is a consultant on to companies on social media and the social media concierge for Media2o Productions.

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