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Terry Lavender

Terry Lavender is a Vancouver-based video game researcher with a skeptical fascination with technology.

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Tyrannical Email

Feeling intimidated but strangely attracted to your inbox? Don't worry, you're not the only one.

Nominating the Internet for a Peace Prize: What an ig-Nobel idea!

The internet is one of 237 nominees for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. Here's why it shouldn't win.

Trash and Trauma on the Beaches of Goa, India Highlight Disruptions by Global Tourism

Recently, newspapers in Goa have been debating whether a Russian “mafia” is bringing vices to a new, more violent level. Crimes both against and by tourists are increasing in frequency, including rap

Tweets Aren't Necessarily True

Gordon Lightfoot is not dead and Zynga isn't keeping 50% of donations for Haitian earthquake relief. Just because it's been tweeted, doesn't make it true.

The iPad: Apple's Newest Game-Changing Technology

The hype and hysteria are over. So what does the iPad mean for you?

Why We Can't Be Friends

Sorry, if you're not my real-life friend, you can't be my Facebook friend.

City and VPD Make it Easier to Find Crime, Public Art and Parking Meters Online

The City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Police Department have both announced new online data-sharing initiatives this week.

Pedestrian Phone Follies

Preoccupied pedestrians are just another hazard of an increasingly distracted world.

Text in the time of cholera

When Haiti suffered extensive earthquake damage earlier this year, cellphone companies and relief agencies teamed to allow text message donations. But nothing similar seems to be in place now that the

TransLink Improves Trip Planner -- Just in Time for Olympic Crowds and Road Closures

Just in time for the Olympics -- TransLink's updated Trip Planner can help plan your next excursion.