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Susan Drury

Rotavirus Vaccine – What’s a Parent To Do?

Is giving your baby or young child the Rotavirus vaccine the best choice in protecting their heath? Rather than adding one more vaccine to the large numberalready advised for children, consider educa

The breakdown of boundaries

We live in an amazing new reality where the boundaries of time and space have been broken through; but just as we need to protect the boundaries surrounding our cyber-space privacy, so do we need to p

Oh Mr. Sun, Mr. Golden Sun...

Despite appearances to the contrary, Summer is upon us. When Mr. Golden Sun finally starts seriously shining down, use homeopathy to ease any excess exposure and sooth inflamed skin.

Homeopathy for Healthy Travels

Wherever your travels take you this summer, homeopathy can help keep you healthy or promote a faster recovery from commonplace ailments.

Energy before matter

Why use homeopathy? While conventional medicine has its areas of expertise, it lacks a connection to the deeper levels of health and disease. In alignment with basic concepts of physics and biology,

Homeopathic healing from the disfigurement of acne conglobata

Suffering for 13 years from painful and disfiguring acne conglobata, Anna Sienicka finds complete cure through homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathic help for allergy season

If it's springtime, it must be allergy season.  While most of us are thrilled to see the budding leaves and blooming flowers, for others it ushers in weeks of irritating and sometimes...

Finding the Right Homeopathic Key to Fit the Lock

Throughout four exciting years of training to become a professional homeopath and seeing homeopathic remedies continue to heal a wide spectrum of complaints, a curative remedy for my trigeminal neural

Curing the Incurable

My babies learned that occasionally I would stop talking in mid-sentence, my face would freeze and tears would pour down my face for  a moment until the spasm passed and I would continue where I...

How I Overcame a Debilitating Disease

I woke up and felt a familiar stab of pain cut across my cheek. The nightmare had returned.