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Strategic Research and Communication Centre

The Strategic Research and Communication Centre is a research centre that engages with Syrian academics and researchers in order to produce more home-grown policy research and to give a better understanding of the socio-economic fabric and realities of Syrian society, and give an awareness of facts surrounding everyday life in Syria.

It's objective is" a better informed public discussion of Syria which can influence the agenda of decision makers." The centre examines data and creates reports and papers by in-house researchers on topical issues disseminated to the public. It also distributes raw data from political, socio-economic and strategic studies to decision makers, reporters, journalists and academics who deal with Syrian issues.

Syrian daily roundup Oct 1: Assad sends thousands of troops to end clashes in Aleppo

Assad sent thousands of troops to Latakia in order bring stability back and end clashes in his home city of Aleppo as scores of Alawite militiamen were killed and many more were injured as heavy...

Syrian daily roundup Sep 30: Founder of Shabiha militia dies

The founder of Shabiha militia dies as anti-Assad protests break out in his home town.

Syrian daily roundup Sep 29: Hundreds of shops ablaze in Aleppo’s ancient souks

Activists said that a blaze swept through the souk of al-Madina in the city of Aleppo, destroying hundreds of shops in one of the most ancient souks in Syria.

Syrian daily roundup Sep 28: Mass protests demand unity of rebel groups

Mass demonstrations broke out in more than 370 different locations across the country demanding the overthrow of the Assad regime.

Syrian daily roundup Sep 27: Rebel fighters launch "decisive battle" in Aleppo

The Commander-in-Chief of the biggest rebel force of al-Tawheed brigade in Aleppo announced the start of a "decisive battle" to push Assad's forces out of the city.

Syrian daily roundup Sep 25: Emir of Qatar calls for Arab-led intervention in Syria

The Emir of Qatar Shiekh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani called for an Arab-led intervention in Syria while addressing the UN General Assembly today. He cited the failure of the UN Security...

Syrian daily roundup Sep 24: Rebel fighters seize more towns in Aleppo suburbs

The rebel Free Syrian Army said it captured the Aleppo suburbs of Orum Kobra and Arada following fierce fighting with regime forces as fighter jets intensified their aerial attacks on the western...

Syrian daily roundup Sep 23: Power cut off hits several provinces in Syria

The majority of Syrian cities and towns have been left without electricity due to the failure of the country’s main hydroelectric power generator in Raqa.

Syrian daily roundup Sep 22: Free Syrian Army moves command from Turkey to Syria

Commander-in-chief of the rebel Free Syrian Army has announced that their command centre is being moved from Turkey into the liberated territories in Syria in order to direct the operations on the...

Syrian regime perpetrates its first massacre in Raqa province

At least 55 people were killed and dozens more were injured in the Raqa suburb of Ain Eissa when regime fighter jets shelled a petrol station crowded with cars and people, making it the first...