Stephen Chung

Stephen Chung is an avid photographer who is passionate about traveling and anything relating to sports. Since graduating from UBC, he has worked with international students in Vancouver and overseas in Korea.

Follow him on Flickr.

Weird around the world

Chicken McNuggets, the real life cat lady, a DJ dog and many more weird stories from around the world

Weird around the world

A bionic cat, ugly dogs, a real-life Hannibal Lecter and more weird stories from around the world.

The Vancouver Observer photo pool on Flickr

Summer-themed pictures that will get you out of the house, from our newly created Vancouver Observer Flickr Pool.

Weird around the world

A kung fu bear, Justin Bieber blocking app, ‘drunk’ parrots and more weird stories from around the world.

Weird around the world

Ninjas, strange creatures, a smoking toddler and more

Bloedel Conservatory: what's the big deal?

The Bloedel Conservatory, a local landmark since 1969, houses an assortment of exotic plants and colourful birds that can be seen for less than $5. The building might close forever, so check it out b

Canucks alumni team up with fans at Hockey for the Homeless fundraiser

Garth Butcher participates in the annual Hockey for the Homeless tournament. Fans were given the chance to play alongside ex-NHLers and Canucks alumni at UBC’s Thunderbird Stadium last Friday. Other n